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We are a growing membership based community of concerned pet owners joining together to create a better way to feed the worlds best pet nutrition resource at affordable prices. Making a difference for dogs and cats, and the people that love them. We welcome like minded persons to join our quest! (Please login or register at top right to be able to order online)

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Balance Diet Discover a way to enjoy superior pet nutrition

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BD™ is making the worlds most nutritious foods at the most competitive pricing and the highest level of service!

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Why do you suppose that 50lbs. of plain cornflakes human ceral would cost about $150 yet a 50 lb. sack of super premium dog food costs about $35?(Granola type human cerals go for about $250. per 50 lbs.) Conclusion: Scrap and recycled potato chips, corn chips cakes, cookies…

Simply put, real whole nutrition equals health

Balance Diet Discover a way to enjoy superior pet nutrition