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Mission-Vision-Values — BD™ The Genuine and The Original


Our Vision

was to create a different kind of company…a private members only pet food club serving concerned pet owners, a company that doesn’t succumb to market pressures to compromise quality. Our commitment is to those who share our focus on companion animal health first.TRUSTED SINCE 1983-Online since 1996

Balance Diet™ is the very first and original holistic pet superfood company.  BD™ is a leading edge developer and manufacturer of real whole ingredients based pet foods and nutritional supplements for serious pet owners, veterinarians, sporting, breeders, groomers, kennels, search and rescue, guard, police, catteries, and health-care practitioners, has spent 27 years producing innovative, comprehensive products composed from purified fermentation technology, without the typically utilized additives, flowing agents, and binders that are commonly used throughout the industry. By designing products for the most sensitive allergy canines and felines, Balance Diet™ has opened a new avenue of whole food and supplement efficacy for all canines and felines needing nutritional support and maintenance. The purity of our products directly equates to better absorption and enhanced bioavailability. Balance Diet™ faithfully handcrafts its line of over 100 high-purity, truly hypoallergenic pet foods/nutritional supplements in our own facility utilizing proprietary techniques. BD™  observes a continuous improvement policy and reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of these products without prior notice.


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