Faulty Ice Level Control Board. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair … The best way … If the water pressure is too low, the valve may not close fully when the power is shut off. ice production. This part tells your fridge when the ice bin is full. Whirlpool® 5-Door Refrigerator One Minute Sales Pitch - Advantage Live. This video covers a number of tips on how to trouble shoot your ice maker. Pull the tubing out from the inside of the freezer compartment. Another common reason Whirlpool fridge’s stop making ice is due to a faulty ice level control board. It takes 15-30 minutes to fix on average. Brett shows you how to pitch the sale, and step up the line in one minute or less. If you have a whirlpool refrigerator with the ice-bin mounted in the door it will not have the feeler arm, it will have an ice level control optics. water pressure. After you have cleared the ice maker supply tube of any blockages reinstall the tubing by feeding it back through the hole in the ceiling of … The optics is just two sensors, one on each side of the freezer and … Whirlpool Refrigerator WRF535SMBM00 Ice maker not making ice Ice maker not making ice is the 4th most common symptom for Whirlpool WRF535SMBM00. The valve requires a minimum of 20psi to work properly. ... Troubleshooting an Ice Maker. ice maker… As a result, the valve leaks water into the ice maker… The water inlet valve supplies water to the refrigerator ice and water dispenser.

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