Archives, Open Government Licence However, one cannot deny the reality of constant pressures meant to seduce us into conforming by evil, into dastardly people. The Bible, tradition, history, the early Church Christian writings teach a certain set of facts, guidelines and principles for Christians to live by and believe. First, because your place and years deserve too great a respect, and reverence, to be forgotten by my Father’s son, whom I have heard so often speak of your zealous care, and industry to free the Church of God from superstition and idolatry, even in times of greatest difficulty to effect so religious a work. Of which, although I have rather cause to speak by former tradition, then by any late particular knowledge, because the greatest harvest of your labours were in a manner earned before my spring time, yet it is comfortable to me fuisse natum Evangelio Renato [to have been born at a time when the gospel has been reborn], and shall be grievous for me to enjoy any state of life, which I should be unwilling to lay down for the same. The NEWEST Addition (I Should Be A Director), Poetry, Spoken Word & Every Type of Mic. Anonymous. The Official Blog For Bookings, Contact, & Keeping It Real, the youth feels torn between the decision of what is “right”, and what is “accepted”. Answer Save. Relevance. Conformity is the act of matching attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to group norms. I'll use Christianity for my example. Conformity is the tendency for an individual to align their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors with those of the people around them. When it comes down to faith and religion, the very essence of one’s spiritual being is based solely on the very existence of conformity as a principle – whether it be for the good or the demise of one’s spiritual life. This letter shows the concern over differences in religion at the start of James’ reign and the problems that this was causing. 1 decade ago . Religious Conformity as a Contract. 2 Answers. Conformity definition: If something happens in conformity with something such as a law or someone's wishes , it... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Letter from Archbishop Hutton to Robert Cecil, Viscount Cranborne, concerning religious conformity, 18 December 1604 (catalogue ref: SP 14/10 f. 171). Favorite Answer. Archbishop Hutton laments the encouragement given to Roman Catholics (‘papists’ and recusants) as well as to puritans (Protestants who sought the further reformation of the Church of England). For your Lordship’s opinion concerning the differences in our Church, I do subscribe ex animo [from the heart] to your grave, and learned judgement in that and all things else of that nature, having always held it for a certain rule since I had any knowledge that the Papist was carried on the left hand with superstitious blindness, that the Puritan (as your lordship terms them) was transported on the right with unadvised zeal and outrecuidance [arrogance]. Letter from Archbishop Hutton to Robert Cecil, Viscount Cranborne, concerning religious conformity, 18 December 1604 (catalogue ref: SP 14/10 f. 171). v3.0. Conform definition, to act in accordance or harmony; comply (usually followed by to): to conform to rules. May it please your Grace. Secondly, I would be loath, that your Lordship who have ever loved the truth, should live in such a darkness (through want of better information) as might obscure to you either his Majesty’s own clear, zealous and constant resolution for the preservation of true religion, or the serious cares of my Lords of his privy Council, to have his godly, and just laws duly executed.

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