You’re awesome. But doesn’t Classic Caesar also have anchovies in it? Thank you! I just had to have some Caesar salad tonight with my dinner, so I tried this recipe. would love to figure out a vegan version of the dressing….have you ever made such a dressing? Oooo looks lush!! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? It tastes a lot like my mom’s famous (and very non-vegan) caesar that we have for special occasions. Love that it’s vegan and tastes even better than non vegan dressings I’ve eaten in the past. I don’t know how many times I’ve gazed longingly upon other diner’s salads, while my sad, oily balsamic vinaigrette drips down lettuce that deserved something better. All hail the caper. There’s still lots of flavor in there, which is always good for a salad dressings! ??? xo. Thanks so much for sharing! It is easy to add too much garlic so be careful not to. This will be a new staple in my culinary arsenal! It is delicious and will be a staple in my fridge from now on! I changed it up a bit, I only put a large tablespoon of garlic in because wow, three tablespoons sounded atomic! Thanks so much! Caesar is one of those things vegans have to be creative to enjoy. Delicious. Minimalist baker saves the day AGAIN! Best of all we put it on our corn on the cob. Since going vegan I have missed Cesar salad and the daiya dressing is just not quite right. Learn how to make homemade Vegan Caesar Dressing and salad at home! In fact, we liked the plantain tacos so much last time that they’re on the meal plan again for this week. Xo, Whoop! And, as I have COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF KALE, & crossed my fingers. I definitely would only use 2 cloves of garlic. Your sight is a constant go to for this vegan chef. I just made this tonight, very easy to make and very tasty! Add a little hot water to thin until pourable and whisk until creamy and smooth (see photo). We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Laura! and if I have salted capers (without brine), how about making up that difference with lemon juice? Absolutely love it (and hubby did too). I do like the use of hummus in the recipe though. ;) I didn’t have spicy mustard so I used coarse mustard instead. I feel like I could feed this to my family who are so skeptical about plant-based things, and they’d never know the difference! This dressing was amazing – I followed the exact recipe – everyone loved it. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Gave it 5 stars only because I couldn’t give it 1000! I truly enjoyed this “Caeser” dressing on my salmon salad. Which of these do you recommend using? Question, If I want to make big batch, let’s say 1 cup of hummus, how much garlic should I use? Thanks for the recipe, I love it! It’s the brine the capers are packaged in. I love making delicious vegan food and creating vegan versions of all your old favorites, so that you’ll never feel like you’re missing out. I didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand, so I made a few substitutions, and I still think it turned out to be really tasty! Reduced garlic to 1 small clove Thank you so much! It went perfectly on my vegan caesar salad, I just added a little extra caper juice to compensate for my lack of lemons :) Next time would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Another great recipe to add to the collection. Whoop! Thanks so much for sharing, Gail. Love the creaminess. Made this with store bought hummus and green olives instead of capers. Because my homemade hummus is already pretty garlicky, I used roasted garlic in the dressing to keep the flavors balanced. I can’t even begin to describe how AMAZING this was. I LOVE the idea of using hummus as a base for salad dressing. I have tried olive vegan caesar and others and this one takes the cake. Thanks for the recipe! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Nikki. Is it suppose to yield 3 tsp of garlic? Made this using homemade hummus, and roasted garlic in addition to regular garlic. I was amazing! Your recipes have literally saved me as I have had to learn to eat an entirely new way. I topped it with Follow Your Heart Parm and used Greek Manna broken up for croutons. Added course ground black pepper too and left out the maple syrup. Even though I didn’t have a lemon on hand, this recipe was still da-bomb! Thanks so much!! My hubby isn’t a salad lover and he’s been requesting it! It’s amazing that way. Thank you for this recipe! WOAH just made this – mouth is full while I type. This recipe is amazing and really hit the spot! It is perfect just as the recipe is written but I like mine less tart so I added less lemon juice and added some blended soaked cashews for a slightly more mild taste and it’s everything I could want. Xxx, I made some again; and it was even better than in my memory! Let us know in the comments and please rate the recipe too. SO delicious and very easy to make. And this looks so amazing! Just a little question could I make a spicy mustard?? This was fan-tas-tic!! This dressing is truly miraculous — so very easy, and so tasty! xo. It was super delicious. Delish! I had the romaine and croutons; I just needed the dressing. This is so outstanding! That being said, I’m still going to try this hummus version. It adds an awesome, zesty taste. And Worcestershire sauce? You piqued my curiosity… But I had no hummus made (I always make it, as it is hard to find and expensive where I live). I’m going to try this tonight for dinner! I love this vegan alternative!! I added chickpeas (the rest of the can) that I had roasted with garlic powder, lemon juice, and S&P, until chewy and sprinkled a generous dose of nutritional yeast over the tossed salad. We had a cesar salad with this delicious dressing and watermelon and cantalope for dinner last night and we both felt fully satisified the dressing made all the difference. We happen to LOVE garlic, but know it’s not for everyone! I used Ithaca lemon garlic hummus because that’s what I normally buy. And it is SO easy and fast! Dana! xo. My 13 yo daughter found it and it is out total go to! I enjoyed it none the less but when I made it with less garlic and no maple syrup it was perfect! P.S. You never cease to amaze me! Hi I'm Alison Andrews, I'm the voice and cook behind Loving It Vegan and the author of Simple Vegan Dinner Recipes, a digital program created so that you always know the answer to: 'What's For Dinner?' Thank you! Ah, yay! I added just a bit of tahini and nutritional yeast for richness and savoriness. I discovered this recipe today and made it tonight. Makes it fast and easy and creamy for the super busy. Thanks! We are so glad you enjoyed it! Was pre-making it anyhow to try and make a dish that will actually “wow” my anti-vegan family for my Mom’s birthday party. Thanks, I have a new dressing to add to my vegan dressing list. Throw on some vegan parmesan cheese and it’ll taste just like the real thing – promise. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? We’ve had this many times, and while I’ve tweaked it when I don’t have all the ingredients on hand, it’s best, flavor and texture-wise, just as written.

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