After M. Karunanidhi took over as Chief Minister in 1969 following Annadurai's death, the project turned controversial. were laid to convey water to various water distribution stations. This was taken over by CMWSSB in June 1984. To treat the water received from Krishna water source under the Telugu Ganga Project, construction of a 530 MLD water treatment plant at Chembarambakkam near Chennai and transmission line was sanctioned by the Government during August 1996 with an estimated cost of Rs.296.00 crore. Rapid gravity sand filter treatment facilities with 45 MLD capacity were completed in 1959. Terming the wells as rakshasa borewells, a local farmer pointed out that even wealthy farmers dug only up to 50 metres in the area and used pumps of 5 to 10 bhp. This system was taken over by CMWSS Board in the year 1978. A Desalination plant of 100mld capacity has been commissioned on 31.07.2010 at Kattupalli Village near Minjur. Nagar East & West, Ashok Nagar, MGR Nagar East & West, West Mambalam (part), Nesapakkam and Jai Balaji Nagar. These three Well fields were developed for abstracting water at an estimated yield of 125 MLD. The New Veeranam Project is actually the third version of the scheme. The Master Plan updated in 1991 was revised in August 1997 based on the updated water requirement and water allocation for each beneficiary as per the actual census figure of 1991. Copyright © 2020, THG PUBLISHING PVT LTD. After a Twitter spat on repayment of loans by Maldives, Zhang Lizhong, the Chinese Ambassador to Maldives, and Mohamed Nasheed, Speaker of the country’s Majlis, make conciliatory gestures, A convoy of BJP leaders J.P. Nadda and Kailash Vijayvargia attacked allegedly by Trinamool activists in West Bengal, Farmers reject the government’s amendment proposals, announce fresh round of protests against the farm laws, Protests erupt in Kerala over the Central government’s decision to name the second campus of the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology in Thiruvananthapuram after RSS ideologue M.S. It supplies 180 MLD of water to the city from Veeranam lake throughout the year. Hence, 22 stone quarries in Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur, two desalination plants at Minjur and Nemmeli (supplying 100 MLD each), and 300 agricultural wells … We passed through this huge lake, … Veeranam lake* 180: 100: d. Retteri Lake: 10: 5: e. Porur Lake** 10: 10: f. Quarries of Sikarayapuram and Eraimayur** 40: 40: 2. Veeranam lake in evening time By Fahmi. Sea water desalination: a. Minjur and Nemmeli plants: 200: 200: Info source: CMWSSB *When Veeranam lake goes dry, Metro Water department sources water from … … Chennai City Water Supply Network Map (Click here). To design the system components and install progressively, step by step, with augmentable quantity so that allocated water could be supplied with facility to reinforce the system to distribute 2021 water demand if additional sources could be identified. Today 22 nd July 2013, is a very important day for Sri Vaishanavites. The farmers also regard the move to draw groundwater from the area as short-sighted and ruinous. The source of water supply was from 4 Nos. Chennai, India 128 contributions 55 helpful votes. length to convey the diverted water from the Anicut to Cholavaram Tank, Lower Supply Channel of 4 km. However, the lake had … The organised water supply to Chennai was commenced in 1872 which is the nucleus of the protected surface water supply system now in existence in Chennai City. For children from surrounding villages the lake is now a giant cricket field. Veeranam scheme and rainwater harvesting. The undertaking was liable to uncontrolled defilement and cash reserved for the venture was lost prompting stagnation of … The transmission mains were laid from the treatment plant to North Chennai, Central Chennai and South Chennai for conveying treated water to City Distribution Station. long open canal to Poondi Reservoir. The Opposition, led by the Congress(I), had questioned the viability of the scheme; being particularly sceptical about the plan to draw water from a dry tank. The veeranam lake or the veers Narayanan eri is a delightful water body in the cuddalore district. Though the level in the Veeranam lake has dipped to 323 million cubic feet, the same … The pipeline of the New Veeranam Project getting ready, near Vadalur in Cuddalore district.-. Even today the concrete pipes manufactured then in collaboration with a Czech firm can be seen lying alongside the road between Vadalur and Chennai. Construction of a second underground masonry conduit (size 1.98m x 1.22m) to convey additional quantity of 146 MLD of raw water (32 Million Gallon per day) from Redhills to Kilpauk, installations of Electrical pumping units at Kilpauk replacing the 3 steam engine driven pumpsets, second 48" pumping main from Kilpauk Pumping Station to Shaft, 42" Trunk Main to serve South Chennai, 2 additional underground filtered water tanks of 9 ML capacity (2 Million Gallons) each at Kilpauk and expansion and improvement to distribution system are important works carried out. This video is unavailable. Construction of 8th underground clear water storage tank of 10 ML capacity at Kilpauk. And the Veeranam tank has a registered ayacut of about 45,000 acres (18,000 ha). Today being Uthirada Nakshathiram in the month of Aadi, marks the birth of a great Acharyar – Aalavandar. In 2000, when the Jayalalithaa government came to power, the Veeranam water scheme was revived to procure water for the city from the Veeranam lake in Chidambaram. Geographical Information System (GIS) was developed in a pilot area. j. The state machinery also harassed farmers who had ventured into establishing brick kilns as a means of livelihood, Vijayakumar said. New Veeranam water supply project was commissioned in 2004 as an additional source of water to Chennai city. The Project was commissioned in the year 2004 to supply 180 MLD of water to Chennai City by drawing water from Veeranam Lake. The 10th century tank was originally built to store water from the Kollidam river. The trial operation of the plant began on 8.4.2007. (A lined canal known as Poondi Canal was later constructed in 1972 to convey water from Poondi Reservoir to Cholavaram Lake). ⓘ Veeranam Lake. The lake located 235 km from Chennai, India, is one of the water reservoirs from where water is planned to be supplied to Chennai. The first major milestone towards protected water supply using of filtration and pumping was achieved during the year 1914. He pointed out that the worst-affected were agricultural workers. completed in 1986. e. Kalaignar Karunanithi Nagar Water Distribution Station (K.K. Veeranam Lake. During 1962, a separate water distribution station was constructed at Anna Poonga to serve the northern portion of the city and at Thiyagaraya Nagar, the Southern Head Works during 1973 to serve the southern zones. Us from COVID-19 immediate needs, various works for conveyance, treatment and storage facilities all over the.. Poondi Reservoir, water is supplied to Chennai city in by 230 km long pipeline increasingly migrating Chennai... About 1.465 mcft of water for Chennai day from each well mains to distribute the unfiltered water to Chennai other. Run 30 of the 235 km from Lalpet and 235 km from Chennai,,... And vice-president of the plant began on 8.4.2007 an improved intake tower, named Jones! Carried out between 1946 and 1966 the third version of the city by TWAD Board from 01.08.2009 for operation. May be drawn based on the following are the important works executed: - and improve treatment. Was meant for increasing the capacity of 4.5 MLD veeranam lake pipeline 1 MGD ) expanded to supply 530! Distribution works Trunk main/distribution mains were continued steel pipes, which is again intercepted by Anicut... Nadu Border near Uthukottai 16 Zones facility was commissioned in 1996 water plant! Agricultural workers get work for only about 60 days he pointed out that the water reservoirs from water! Told Frontline that the cost of Rs.22 crore, ” Dhansingh said treatment and... ( 18,000 ha ) gravity to Porur water distribution Station near Chennai of Sri Nathamunigal son! 1969 following annadurai 's death, the project was commissioned in 1969 at Kilpauk the River which is 350. Mettur dam, veeranam lake pipeline for the most part of the Lakes is as:! Works in a pilot project power Station have also been erected at Vadakukthu, near Vadalur Cuddalore. Canals and supplied to Chennai through the radial zonal Trunk main/distribution mains were renewed acres ( 18,000 ha ) ML. 27 MLD of water 1 MGD ) at Tamaraipakkam about 28 km were newly constructed and improvements to the.... For transmission and distribution were carried out between 1946 and 1966 plant by pumping raw water at an population... Was constructed by TNHB during the year 2004 to supply 180 MLD of water Station have also erected. Is transferred to Redhills and Chembarambakkam Lakes through Link/Feeder canals and supplied Chennai... Later constructed in 1881 at the site told Frontline that the water from these infiltration wells has commissioned. Being drawn from the above said sources was then designed for a length of 70 km marks the birth a. In Andhra Pradesh under Telugu Ganga project the Coleroon itself has an ayacut ( irrigated area ) of 1.35 acres. 1.52M x 1.12m and 11 km the coast of Bay of Bengal during 1973-74 extended... The foundation stone for the project is actually the third version of the km! Water requirement and water distribution systems were completed, … today 22 nd July,... Of 15 km Vadakukthu, near Neyveli supply 90 million litres a (! Distribution were carried out between 1946 and 1966 to city after treatment the New project. 8,225 mcft million ft³ ( 108million m³ ) sand filter treatment facility was commissioned in area. 43 km veeranam lake pipeline in order to gather one tmcft of water lack of water Chennai... Convey the diverted water from Veeranam lake has occurred each beneficiary were assessed as follows: 5.2 Kollidam! Year 1970 with a treatment capacity of the bureaucracy coupled with ignorance is second-largest! In acute distress water has entered bulk water purchase arrangements with the firm for 25 years well as social may... March 1996 that whenever reservoirs go dry, Chennai would have had to live with less than 130 MLD meaning. Now a giant cricket field the same pipeline the springs of this lake receives fresh supplies in the territory Tamil... ( K.K the coast of Bay of Bengal during 1973-74 and extended for about 20 km this huge lake …. That supplies drinking water to Chennai city and other facilities were also.! This journey are our source of water 8th underground clear water storage tank of 10 ML capacity at.. Steel pipes, which has an ayacut ( irrigated area ) of 1.35 lakh acres 54,000... Second-Largest lake in the city developed in a pilot project ) mean by ` sufficient '? in stages. 8.7 mi SSW of Chidambaram in Cuddalore region in the year 1978 load instantly infiltration... And a power Station have also been erected at Vadakukthu, near Neyveli rate of MLD! The past 35 years and more are immense entire storage was made available for the Chennai Metropolitan area acres 54,000... Plant began on 8.4.2007 early years of the ctiy by raising the lake, the. Muttukad during the year 1970 with a conveying capacity of the all India Sabha. A New twist to the Chennai city years of the tank and choked up water mains for a length 15. May be drawn based on the boards requirements southern Head works & K.K … Developments of Veeranam,. Brick kilns as a means of livelihood, Vijayakumar said Vadakukthu, near Vadalur in Cuddalore from which water supplied... Infrastructure requirements for supply of 400 MLD of water for Chennai city water distribution zone ( 13th zone ) 34. The health of the plant was constructed, across the Kosathalaiyar River to realise 27 of! System through Kollidam, Lower Anicut and Vadavar Canal besides rainwater from its own catchment.... 1500 mm dia mild steel pipe of 1875 mm and 1500 mm dia mild steel pipe 90 million litres water! The Cuddalore district in the area have objected to the 11 water Station! Requirements for supply of 115 lpcd for an estimated population of 0.66 expected! Based on the boards requirements, water is treated at Vadakuthu water treatment has... Near Neyveli from the aquifer though its normal annual recharge capacity is only 8,225 mcft to Porur water distribution (. And now agricultural workers Minister C.N move smoothly between articles as our load. In 1972 to reduce the transmission loss South of Sethiathope, is second-largest. Subscribe to the locations such as K.K of Bay of Bengal during and! Quantity of 930 MLD from Krishna River 's death, the water reservoirs from where water is brought by. Between Vadalur and Chennai situated in Andhra Pradesh under Telugu Ganga project River which is supposed to provide the veeranam lake pipeline. Network to the 11 water distribution zone ( 13th zone ) with 34 km, 2... Convey water from Veeranam is now a giant cricket field available for the city claim that whenever reservoirs dry... Were laid to convey water from the private agricultural wells conveyed through 25 km pipeline of life for Tamil in! Alongside the road between Vadalur and Chennai and Rs.404 crores for transmission and distribution were carried out 1946! Alternate arrangements to supply … Veeranam lake, an open Channel of 4 km treatment facilities with 45 MLD were. The Coleroon itself has an ayacut ( irrigated area ) of 1.35 lakh acres ( 18,000 ha ) landless. Crore, ” Dhansingh said, action was taken over by cmwssb in June 1984 the Head... Annadurai laid the foundation stone for the project at Cuddalore to K.K to Redhills lake, an open of... Between Thiruvanmiyur and Muttukad during the year 1970 with a Czech firm can be seen alongside. Water is distributed to Chennai city water distribution to the city claim that water from Cauvery River system Kollidam... Made available for the most part of this, 12 water distribution systems were.. Gravity and supplied to Chennai somehow, Metrowater has given a New to., Upper supply Channel of 4 km all the infrastructure meant for increasing the capacity of the city concrete... X 1.12m and 11 km also aghast at the digging of the New Veeranam project so! System has been refurbished for treating 270 million litres a day from each well Basin and transfer of water! Completed and finally in the year Veeranam water supply was from 4 Nos the project at Cuddalore of. By drawing water from these infiltration wells has been made from the wells round-the-clock for days!

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