I know there is nothing you can do but wait but can get annoying when we knew my little man was coming close to hitting one year old! I’ll be so glad too. It looks so painful so I’m so glad it’s not. After one awful renal scan and a lot of anticipation, she had the surgery 11 days after she turned a year old. I have never been so relieved to get rid of something in my life. He’s had a scan but now because of Covid-19 all been delayed. 2 0 obj An umbilical granuloma is a growth of tissue that forms in the belly button during the weeks after the umbilical cord is cut. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on Run Jump Scrap. stream I’ve never heard of this before. Luckily it doesn’t really affect him at all. I am passionate about my gorgeous family, fitness and health and love to write! My husband took the little man over to our local hospital for his appointment with the paediatric surgeon. My daughter had the exact same thing happen to her. It bleeds and can smell. She had to go to a Urologist and it was determined at the first visit that surgery would more than likely be the only solution. <> Poor little man. 4 0 obj The plasters we have been given rub and come off. Cover the area with a clean piece of gauze and secure it in place for 30 minutes. We had an appointment for January with the surgeon but this was frustratingly cancelled until February. It usually looks like a soft pink or red lump and often is wet or leaks small amounts of clear or yellow fluid. We didn’t think it was urine and tried not to worry. My GP admitted he had never know one not heal, so basically he had very little experience of one that didn’t heal. ����UE�b����A$2�%���JT!��̻j�����)����^�.���*C>վ�j�`jA�.R��{�Z���'1>�;�n^�v���qO. Of course the idea of a general anaesthetic scares me. It usually looks like a soft pink or red lump and often is wet or leaks small amounts of clear or yellow fluid. I can’t wait for my little man to have a belly button that doesn’t leak. His belly button weeps and this goes all over his clothes and usually goes through a few layers. He’s now 15 months old!! "����D�P����`xZ&j��qHZ�UB��ؖ��_~2"[(őP�p%�� At 6 months, we knew the little man was going to need surgery at some point but the wait has been huge. I can tell my husband is worrying a little about the little man having an operation and going under a general anaesthetic. It’s hard to believe my little man has just turned one. I’m curious to know if your son has had his surgery yet. His belly button has still not healed. 4. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 594.96 842.04] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> From our experience now, don’t settle for waiting. It is horrible seeing your kids go for an op, no matter how minor and I hope you get a date soon. It looks unsightly. I have written about this in the past and hoped by now we wouldn’t have any issue anymore. We knew there was no point paying for a private consultation, as surgery may not be an option. Same for my little boy! We saw the paediatrician who immediately confirmed the little man would need surgery and a surgical referral. �E��G���Y�媬�xˬ�fkؔB���F:��`�V醡�F��~ w��U�^����� ��%p~�[X'�L�%L5A����=�(����|�K[d\6�;��]��'�i�\JPܴ͹��hjx�b�Ty��4�}m���A25M����AT� ����Y;l.C*ٽZ��-)�R�Y){�t�JP��c}�0MA�A�)�)�C���I�� v�N�TBy�Uͱv�� Thanks for the comment x. Hi, i just wondered how you had got on, my son is now 20 months and we are in the same situation as you now so would be interested to hear how you got on. 5. I’ve never come across this before. 3 0 obj Push for a referral to paediatrics quickly! I hope the scan and operation go well. Can’t rteturn them just yet, as still waiting!! Your pediatrician may recommend any of the following like application of silver nitrate, common salt, topical antibiotics, topical steroids, excision, cryotherapy, electrocautery 1 . Starts to do a bit of googling. He’s almost 18 months now. ... Home care during and after treatment. We also find out there was no point going private for care, as at our local hospital they don’t see children under three years old.

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