Hardwood is generally the best wood for your fireplace. Oak: This popular hardwood features two distinct types, both highly desirable for flooring options. Popular Types of Hardwood For Burning: The list of different types of hardwood could go on and on forever, so we will focus on just … It is also widely preferred for outdoor … Some common types of hardwoods include oak, teak, iroko, and meranti. Such types of hardwood trees are found in the north-eastern parts of India. Usually requires more upfront … The types of hardwood you choose will ultimately depend on your project and the look you are trying to achieve. Grain pattern … Uses: It is an excellent choice for household and office furniture like bookshelves and cabinets. They also grow at a very … Can’t tell for sure, but the general type is a diffuse porous tropical hardwood. Hardwoods are also stronger and more durable due to their more condensed and complex structure. Typically used in cabinetry, flooring and woodworking. Hawaiian koa and Australian blackwood both have similar appearance, but the wood in question could be anything.

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