I threw the question of a new name out on Facebook to brainstorm with my family and friends, and someone came up with the name Mapping Megan. Your email address will not be published. Travel Blog Names: 20 Fun Names + Ideas. The Expert Vagabond is a clever pairing of two words that you wouldn’t ordinarily see together into a fun blog name. “I decided on the Blog name of Kristine wanders because I knew that I wanted my name in my blog name. I was actually surprised the domain was available, as well as all of the social vanity urls. I no longer wanted to just Explore travel. I created Wanna Be There for people like you who share my love for traveling and taking vacations. I immediately asked out loud, why isn’t there a travel blog on magical places? Make Time To See The World was an instruction and a challenge to the world at the same time!”, Also on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube. “My blog name, Everybody Hates A Tourist, comes from a line in one of my favorite songs – “Common People” by Pulp. There are a lot of places where you can find them, but this is the site I used. If you already have a travel blog, how’d you come up with your travel blog name? It was unique, yet included a travel aspect (camels) and something they love (chocolate).”, Also on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. That’s what I did. “As one of the first luxury travel bloggers out there (back in 2005 when blogging was still in its infancy), the obvious name for my luxury travel blog was… well… LuxuryTravelBlog.com Unfortunately, that domain was already taken, despite not being used, so I went for the alphabetic advantage of calling the site ‘A Luxury Travel Blog’ ( https://www.aluxurytravelblog.com ). That meant I wanted something with ‘wild’ or ‘crazy’. It’s the first thing people will type in when they’re looking for your site. Suddenly a grin split his face, and my wonderful husband shouted above the fray, “Betsi’s World.” And everyone stopped. Hi, I’m Joe! A name mustn’t only sound good, it has to look right as well. Also, make sure it is available on all your main social media platforms (usually Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). Nothing sells a blog as its name, so make sure you grab your readers’ attention with the first word they see – its title. Sometimes it just helps to see what’s working for others to help us get our creative juices flowing. “When I was thinking how to name the website, I had decided from the start that I wouldn’t include anything personal like my name in it. Now, we are family travel bloggers who write about luxurious destinations. Pretty obvious but I hope effective. “At age 54, we decided to retire early. Great question! It was general, all-purpose, and sort of covered exactly what I wanted to do on my trip. About Contact Privacy Policy Terms of Use, List of 50 Cool Travel and Tourism Blogs for You to Follow, This Is Why You Should Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, 5 Upcoming Travel Blog Topics and Plans for Wanna Be There, 8 Really Cool Things to Do in Miami at Night or During the Day, Flying Alaska from Anchorage to Dawson City, Yukon Territory. And suddenly, everyone started chiming in at once – “it’s perfect! I knew that just a tiny bit of pork made things better – hence Bacon is Magic. I ultimately landed on travel FREAK because it was unique, memorable and easily brandable.”. My biggest inspiration for a travel blog name when working on mine was Camel & Chocolate, as it instantly stood out when reading through blogs and stayed in my memory. Super smart tips here Joe. It made a lot of sense to start a blog to share our travels. “I started my site in 2009, long before anyone was making more or considered making it a profession.

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