As a recruiter, you might screen and interview candidates in many different industries. Asking thorough, conversation-starting questions will let you learn more about the applicant. Understanding the most critical challenges that are currently faced by nurses in your potential unit gives you time to prepare for these challenges. Some managers are more direct, while others are more open to giving their employees freedom. A better understanding of the working environment will make you think about how your personality fits within their culture. On top of behavioral interview questions you might ask, recruiter job interview questions … Each hospital is unique, and some institutions offer full-shifts while others offer half-shifts. Congratulations! Read more: Interview Question: “Do You Have Any Questions?”. All Rights Reserved. Search our IT job database for opportunities in EMR upgrading and implementation, network engineering, HIT management and coding, and more. Because the DON and CNO understand the current dynamics of their unit, they might give you helpful advice that could tell you what to focus on in the early stages of your employment. 10 Questions Nurses Should Ask in a Job Interview, Travel/Contract Allied Staffing Solutions, Travel/Contract Nursing Staffing Solutions. Above all, this answer tells you precisely what they want from their nurses. Hospitals pay an hourly on-call rate, but when you do get called in, some pay the usual hourly wage while others pay time-and-a-half. "Tell me about yourself." This makes a great first impression because it shows your interest in their values and working environment. Here are nine smart questions to ask a job recruiter. Some hospitals might have a strict 12-hour shift schedule that all their nurses abide by. Use this question to find out more about the head nurse of your unit, the Director Of Nursing and the Chief Nursing Officer. Search our healthcare job database to find the. Great questions to ask a recruiter on behalf of a job seeker would be ones that: Provide insight into the career path opportunities (how the job aligns with a job seekers career goals). Asking follow-up questions will provide you with an understanding of why these challenges exist and what you can do to help. The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. Nursing is a specialized field, and the types of interview questions recruiters ask job candidates should be specialized as well. We're the prescription to all your healthcare staffing needs, recruiting medical professionals and providing staffing services nationwide. You can use this answer to your advantage when your employment begins. We also assist with resume preparation and salary negotiation. Asking questions about the company and requirements of the position will show your genuine interest in the position. Tuition reimbursement is a highly-valued career incentive that some institutions offer their nurses. Types of Interview Questions For Nurses. Here are 10 interview questions that can help RNs determine what kind of atmosphere they might be working in and what is expected of them at the new hospital or facility they’re applying to. Although nursing might be a significant part of your life, you should understand how each type of shift may affect the rest of your daily and weekly life. Second, you will find out their feelings toward overtime. At performance or peer reviews, your success will be measured on a variety of criteria. Knowing about this ahead of time will allow you to use this information to make your employment decision.

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