And no subject conforms this paradoical conjuction more starkly than the origin of the universe.”, Astrobiologist Adam Frank's 10,000-Light-Year Reading List. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, by And his phonograph flabbergasted everyone. . I felt like it was getting a little redundant and I know from reading other reviews that the author never really comes to a conclusion, so a little more than halfway through (when the theories started going over my head) I decided that I pretty much had the gist of what he was trying to convey, and that I had read enough. Categories: Hope Jahren GENERAL BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR | At least he is a lot smarter than I am, or he makes me feel that he is a lot smarter than I am. Davies, like others in his profession, normally follows empirical reasoning and evidence...EXCEPT in his thinking about "religion," "god," and the destiny of humanity. In 1870, he opened his own shop to produce inventions to order. Critics proclaim that Edison’s innovations (motion pictures, fluoroscope, rechargeable batteries, mimeograph, etc.) Unfortunately a good portion of this book is an explanation of "modern" computing and AI. by Simon Schuster, Mind of God: The Scientific Basis for a Rational World. I generally like the prose with which scientists (in the broader term) write. ‧ Quarks and GUT theories are revisited, as are chaos theory and quantum cosmology. Still, there are some very interesting ideas to play with here, so long as one avoids the easy temptation toward positivism (another logical error exhibited by physicists with a metaphysical bent). He is one of the few scientists who are not afraid to be politically incorrect in his positions, and who honestly explores the deep ontological and epis. The author’s father was a physics and earth science teacher who encouraged her play in the laboratory, and her mother was a student of English literature who nurtured her love of reading. The Journey of the Mind to God by Giovanni Di Fidanza is a book which reveals seven steps that a human being must go through to be one with God. The author is not afraid to tackle the most fundamental questions about the Universe, science/mathematics, consciousness and their fascinating mutual inter-relationships. This is not a book on religion. SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, by Throughout history, humans have dreamed of knowing the reason for the existence of the universe. This book I would say is one of the most challenging science slash philosophy book I have completed, but one of the most rewarding. Raised in a middle-class Michigan family, Edison displayed an obsessive entrepreneurial spirit from childhood. ‧ ENTREPRENUERSHP, by Even though these are two of the chief ways of discovering the truth, they have their limitations, which before reading this book I did not fully understand. Makes an interesting for case for belief in God. Every replete tree was first a seed that waited.” The author draws many parallels between her subjects and herself. Categories: Never a loner, Edison hired talented people to assist him. We learn much along the way—e.g., how the willow tree clones itself, the courage of a seed’s first root, the symbiotic relationship between trees and fungi, and the airborne signals used by trees in their ongoing war against insects. It is a contemplation of the science-fiction like facts of the universe along with philosophical questions as to the beginning and the guide to its end. . I checked this out because the title brought to mind George Berkeley's philosophy that the universe is the mind of God. March 5th 1993 Don't read to decide whether to believe or not, but read to question what you want to believe. BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR |

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