Researchers have 3D-printed a heart using a patient's cells, providing hope that the technique could be used to heal hearts or engineer new ones for transplants. Doctors, engineers, and technologists have put their heads together to develop 3D printed implants and prosthetics. In fact, organ printing is a process that has already passed the initial planning stage. But the “next big thing,” one that I find really intriguing, is 3D printed organ … be used to replace or assist the organ. Researchers have advanced past printing with plastics and metals to printing with cells that form into living human tissues. For the purpose of the present article, we will focus on Bioink 3D printing. Transplantation of printed organs has recently been made on different laboratory animals. The use of 3D printers in the medical and dentistry field is vastly growing from dental implants to prosthetics, and models for surgeons to practice on before making cuts on a patient. Anyone who hears for the first time about the possibility of organ printing believes that it is merely a joke. Although no one has […] In this article, we’ll go over the latest and most exciting developments in 3D printed organ projects, organized by the type of organ. Furthermore, many procedures, particularly in reconstructive and transplantation surgery remain hindered by the availability of donor tissues and organs, the morbidity associated with tissue harvest and the potential complications related to immunosuppression (2, 3). 3D printing has opened new possibilities in many fields, but some of the most astonishing is in medicine. At present, a variety of different 3D bioprinting concepts have been developed, among the best known are: Bioink 3D printing, Biomimicry,and Autonomous self-assembly [3††]. Bioprinting: 3d printing organs for transplant. Before we jump in, let’s establish what 3D bioprinting really is and how it can be applied to produce tissues and organs.

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