I’ve cut the mayonnaise in half by using avocado to add creaminess. Use it as a base for mixes and marinades. But I don’t really love the mayo part, or at least my waistline doesn’t. Banh Mi Slaw with Creamy Sriracha Dressing Get Inspired Everyday! Asian Chicken Salad with Spicy Sriracha Dressing Allergy Free Alaska. maple syrup, avocado oil, maple syrup, brown rice vinegar, basil and 15 more. Confession: I love a good spicy mayo. Hidden Valley® ranch dressing also makes a delicious addition to sandwiches, tacos and burgers, or as a dip with a vegetable tray or tortilla chips. Spicy salad dressings turn your everyday greens into salads with serious attitude. Sriracha ranch dressing is a perfect mix of “smooth and fresh” meets tangy heat. Or toss with mixed greens, chopped tomatoes and chicken for a quick, easy dinner. Plus the garlic in the Sriracha sauce (with a pinch more of garlic powder) gives a boost of “bam!” to this dressing. This dressing is versatile: Use it as a dip for chicken tenders, vegetables, bread, chips, crackers, french fries, pizza, etc. For delicious side dishes, mix Sriracha dressing with pasta or potatoes. Vegan Sriracha Ranch Dressing If you follow me on Instagram , you’ll see that a couple of times a week I post my vegan dinner bowls. Yup, you heard me — a salad dressing that’s reminiscent of a spicy tuna sushi roll flavor. Enter my lightened up Creamy Sriracha Mayo Salad Dressing. Spread it on your next sandwich , wrap, burger, or pita bread recipe. coconut sugar, gluten free soy sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha hot chili sauce and 11 more. Pour it on tossed salad, potato salad, or taco salad. Usually it’s a salad made with kale or mixed greens, pasta, roasted chickpeas (I like to use this recipe ), nuts and seeds, and vegetables.

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