Amen. God bless you my dear friend. 16. Thank you for being a good friend. 19) The cute bond of our friendship isn’t measured by the number of gifts, Facebook likes or text messages. 27. In this article you will find, Special Friendship Messages, Nice Messages for Friends, Special Message for a friend, Good Friendship Messages and more. Use these love example quotes to wish your beloved in a unique way. Special Messages for My Best Friend. Having you as a friend is worthwhile. May God bless you! Friends make the holiday season fun and festive. Thank you for touching my life in ways you can never imagine. Have a Question? The true test of our friendship has been in the hard times. – Dawsons Creek. We all need people to care for, to make life worthwhile. Thank you for being a true friend. Thank you, my lovely friend. 1. If people are blessings, what would I say of a friend like you? I pray God to bless you and always give you the strength you need. Although, some friends may have bad influence on you, while some will turn your life around for good. Friends are special and it's a good thing to remember them with a card. My dear friend, I thank you for not asking many questions when I need someone to talk to. I haven’t really felt the sting of fake friends. If the image of a man is the company he keeps, it is little wonder that every time I look into the mirror, I see a lion. Text Message for School Friends They share joy, sadness, wins, and losses with us, they grow up with us, and they are the first who make us understand that there is a beautiful feeling called friendship. The single greatest investment in life is to invest in a person. 36. So your friends birthday you should wish him/her by sending unique birthday wishes. Good friends are hard to find. It is not the place of a friend to be with you every time, but to be there when it counts. 35) My friend, thanks for being with me through thick and thin. 8. 32. Thank you. I have that squad that other squads want to be like, and its because you make it happen. They say ‘get friends that support your passion’, and I’m glad I have you. You are a true friend for you have light up my entire life. Thank you for everything. You’re my special friend, thanks for taking in anything that I say. 4. no other definition describes you better than this my friend. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful friend like you, but I will be forever grateful that the universe brought you into my life. 26. Unique birthday wishes for friends. Messages that come from deep within the heart. You are a true friend, someone you can trust and never be let down. Our friendship has grown to be what it is today, it is very strong and will never break. 11. I love you, my dear friend. Thank you for being a true friend, for staying constant even in those moments that seem to want to end in death. You are a true friend. 49. Hard times have truly revealed you are a true friend. You are the best, I am very grateful we are the best friends ever. We may be far to each other, but our friendship will remain forever. Life is infinitely better when you share it with awesome friends like you. To have a friend like you is to fellowship with one that makes me grow. It is true, that life would be an emo tier without you. Appreciation wishes for friends on birthday are sent as a thanksgiving for the wishes and love the friends have showered on birthday. ‎I have never gone wrong investing in relationships and having friends like you make it worthwhile. You can be poor and have wealth, but I can never be poor with friends like you. I haven’t really felt the sting of fake friends because I am surrounded by people like you. 21. To lose valuable relationships has to be the greatest loss there is. You have light up my entire life. Drop us Email. 2. You are a true friend, a friend who is reliable a friend who is always there when needed. Friends are special part of our life. 38. You should hold them close and never let them go. All I wanted is your company. 29. You’re precious and our friendship is priceless. Thank you for being that special friend whom I always turn to when I have a rough day. Take as many as you want, they are all free! You’ve earned my love, care and respect, and I … Every time I think about our great misadventures, I realize the true friendship can’t be bought with riches, but with love, trust and sacrifice. Best Friendship Quotes. “A friend is one with whom I share happiness, but a best friend is one with whom I can share grief, too. You have been a pillar, a rock. We are always there for each other. Sometimes, our friends become our love partners, especially when they are the opposite sex. I am very grateful we are the best friends ever. Email; Share; Poems about Love and Friendship. You have really changed the way I see things. Thinking of you with warm wishes for a very Merry Christmas spent among family and friends. ‎There is no greater advice than this, love people, build friendships. There is no hiding it. God bless you my friend. We all need friends to grow, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and even spiritually. Don’t think twice, dedicate any of these messages to that very special friend on this February 14th. Hi all I believe strongly in friendship and the power of it. Thank you for your unwavering friendship. Love is unstoppable, love is emotional, love is unimaginable, love is desire, love is destiny, but friendship is one percent more than love. 105 Cute Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Friend . Send a message that expressed your love and feelings like never before. In times of hardships you always guide me. The proverb says ‘show me your friend’ with you I have found out that if I am charged, it is because you are electricity. “Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier.”. Our friendship has transformed my life. Use any of the Heartfelt Best friend text messages in this collection to wow your friend. Special Friend Poems. My special friend, you are way smarter than what you may know and think, believe me, dear. “Best friends are like diamonds the longer you keep them the more precious they are.”.

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