Like the predecessor, Sony X950G also comes with the screen sizes we found in X900F except 49 inch those are 55 Inch (XBR55X950G), 65 Inch (XBR65X950G), 75 Inch (XBR75X950G), and 85 Inch (XBR85X950G). This new processor is claimed can perform better performance than the older processor, particularly in handling motion, improving fine details and processing HFR (High Frame Rate) content. Waiting for a few months until its price drops may be better. This certainly make the picture displayed on the screen of X950G will look more consistent than X900F when viewed from the side. Since they have very high dimming frequency, this certainly makes backlight flicker is almost no visible. This certainly makes some certain color can be shown more accurate on the screen of X900F than X950G. Their color gamut can cover more than 93% of DCI P3 color space and more than 70% of REC.2020 color space. And since most sports have a lot of fast moving scene, this certainly needs a TV with good motion handling. But once again, this difference is just only for 75 inch and 85 inch while their 65 Inch and 55 inch still have poor viewing angle coverage as is typical of a TV with VA panel. But on the other hand, this makes its native contrast ratio is lower than standard VA panel. So it certainly still has a full price and its price is still more expensive than X900F. But compare between them, Sony X900F as the older model precisely has a bit higher native contrast ratio than X950G that certainly also makes it can produce deeper black level. Sony X900H is 4K LED TV model that positioned below the top Sony X950H and above Sony X800H. Both Sony X900F and X900G have excellent color gradient, even among the best that ever. If we look at the table of specs and features of Sony X90CH and X900H, we can find that their specs and features are basically similar. Nevertheless, basically, they both already support wide color gamut. 0 Comments, 4K UHD, 55-Inch, 65-Inch, 75-Inch, 85-Inch, LED, Smart TV. Meanwhile, X950G brings improvement in peak brightness. Sony X900H comes with only 10 W + 10 W speaker power output. In Android 8.0, its interface has been overhauled. And since the difference in this technology has impact on their performance, particularly in native contrast ratio and side viewing angle coverage, this comparison refers to the smaller screen (55 inch and 65 Inch) that is not yet supported by the X-Wide Viewing Angle technology. Additionally, they also have good black uniformity and local dimming performance. Sony X900F and X950G both use Android TV as their smart TV platform. Object-based HDR remaster can reproduces greater depth and textures while Dynamic Contrast Enhancer can adjust the screen brightness according to the viewing environment. Meanwhile, for 55 inch and 65 inch, they are not yet supported by this technology. But a bit unfortunately, when they are showing small bright object in a dark scene like subtitles in movies or others, some unwanted adjacent light around bright object or called “blooming” is still visible, particularly in HDR. This makes them can produce darker colors saturated as bright colors. When used for playing 4K Games, performance of Sony X900F and X950G is almost similar and their performance is good. Sony X900H vs X950G Comparison : Which is Better? As we have discussed a lot above, as the newer model that comes with new X1 ultimate picture engine, Sony X950G offers some improvements over the X900F predecessor. With HDR content, their peak brightness is even brighter. But even so since their color gamut is not as wide as the competitor like Samsung Q7FN or others, of course this makes them cannot fill out the entire gamut as good as the competitors. However, the X900H has a higher contrast ratio since it doesn't have the 'X-Wide Angle' layer and it has a lower input lag. Object-based HDR remaster can reproduce greater depth and textures while Dynamic Contrast Enhancer can adjust the screen brightness to match the environment lighting.

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