Forums for the Onkyo TX-DS989 Denon AVR-5800 Denon AVC-A1SE Marantz SR-14 Yamaha DSP-AX1 and RX-V1 and Sony 777ES Outlaw 6.1 and :) 4. SONY; Sony Sites; Electronics If i change source (e.g. Main menu SONY. Almacenamiento y cables. Also, the alarm kept my settings. This video shows how to get the LED display back on a Denon AVRS700W receiver. The displays are legible, but dim. However, since yesterday the display text on the front panel of the receiver does not appear. Would a slightly low bias dim the display considerably? Skip to Content. This unit seems to have a lot of hours on it. Put back in old battery, if preferred. I have a Sony STR-DB930 Home Cinema receiver and it has been working fine. I have an STR-DH810 home cinema amp on which the front LCD display keeps going blank - almost as though the display is 'switching off'. Both VFD's are very dim. The display should be noticeably brighter. Whever this happens, a gentle tap anywhere on the unit brings it back up again - sometimes it stays on for a few minutes, & sometimes for a few hours, but it always goes blank again eventually. The voltages seem mostly to be within spec (6vac for the filament, DC bias is a little low at 6.05v). from TV to CD) the display appears correctly but then … Todos los productos de energía, almacenamiento y cables; All Electronics This must reset the unit back to factory brightness. I have pretty much given up on finding replacement displays for my unit. Flagship Receiver & Amplifier Central. Notice, there is a low battery light indicator on the alarm, no need to replace the battery unless dead.

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