After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Click the + symbol on the left side of the page: This is where the experience is completely new and improved. I’ve seen a lot of new web parts and features arrive. Microsoft should enable a preview to give you a better idea of how your image will look in either location. Features: Great design to showcase news with images and description. As users create new data in SPO, aging data automatically migrates to the archive store to avoid SPO above-the-limit storage costs. This gives you a bit of time to start testing and preparing your adoption materials. Once you’ve settled on a layout, it’s time to start adding web parts. Want to publish a news post from outside the office? Keep in mind that the image you choose will be resized and displayed in both the page’s title area and the News web part. Watch our on-demand webinar. The look and feel of this application is amazing as can be seen in the screenshots. In a couple clicks, your title region should look a bit like this: Next up is assigning additional properties through the Page details pane on the right-hand side: End users only have the option of assigning a topic, while site owners can add additional properties to a news post. You need a place to see all the news in SharePoint online in one place (with great look n feel). We discussed the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management in a previous post; the same advice applies to SharePoint news pages. Microsoft SharePoint (Including M365) and has been able to add value to a wide variety of This is where targeted release offers support. Modern news is one of my favorite features to stem from the modernization of the SharePoint experience. Not too long ago, you had to hire a developer to make your SharePoint pages responsive and usable on a mobile device. SharePoint Online is part of Office 365 and maintained by Microsoft. Keep your team in the loop with modern SharePoint news, [on-demand] Succeed at every step: Simplify Microsoft 365 adoption with ShareGate Productivity, 4 quick tips to make your Microsoft 365/Office 365 tenant to tenant migration a success, Microsoft Teams security tips from Microsoft MVPs, SharePoint lists are evolving: A guide to Microsoft 365’s new service, Microsoft Lists, [Webinar] Stop wasting money in Azure: Build an efficient cloud cost management strategy for your business. By enabling targeted release for your tenant or a subset of users, you’ll receive new features or updates before they’re rolled out in the standard release cycle. No problem at all! HubStor supports SharePoint Online out-of-the-box for fully integrated archive and backup. Other posts by Jasper about the modern SharePoint experience: Planning on migrating to SharePoint? Learn more about page approval and modern SharePoint news pages here. @Richard Burdes Hi Richard, if you interested to archive really large lists with attachments and offload them from SharePoint Online to your local or online storage I would recommend to have a look at the service. To enable this feature and specify the sites for organization news, a SharePoint admin must use the SharePoint Online Powershell commands: Get-SPOOrgNewsSite. In the days of classic SharePoint, you pretty much had to hire a developer to create custom page layouts. For this example, I added 1 date column called ExpiryDate. Just click on Edit news link details: Assign a topic to your article via the Page details pane. I will evaluate your migration strategy and will give you tips on how to plan and optimize the migrations in SharePoint. Step … You can’t use your favorite classic SharePoint web parts anymore, as they’ve been deprecated and are no longer available (see this documentation page for a more detailed comparison of classic and modern web parts). The personalized news feed is also available in the SharePoint mobile app on iOS and Android in the left tab titled News. Set-SPOOrgNewsSite. Be warned: The link to the archive isn’t available when you decide to hide the title and New button of the news web part, or when you have fewer than five news items. In the following example, we combined two news web parts with the carousel and list (compact) view: Did you notice something? Teaching your business users how to work with the new SharePoint web parts and page layouts is essential for adoption success. Site owners have a wide selection of options for displaying the news posts: You can get creative with the different layout options. technology. The following image shows news on SharePoint home where News@Contoso is the organization news site. Now it’s time to choose which page layout and web parts you need to build your news post. We’re diving back into our series on the modern SharePoint experience with a look at how to create and disseminate team news in your modern SharePoint environment. This upcoming feature will give you a bit more control over the images available for your users to publish. One column is labeled Promoted state. see this documentation page for a more detailed comparison of classic and modern web parts, Learn all about the SharePoint framework here, Learn more about page approval and modern SharePoint news pages here, Create and use modern pages on a SharePoint site, We discussed the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management in a previous post, Getting started with Microsoft Teams: Tips and tricks from Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Teams best practices according to Microsoft MVPs: Why you should keep “self-service” enabled, Multiple layout options to suit your design needs, Ability to comment on, like, and save news posts for later, Integration with the SharePoint mobile app, The web (either directly from Bing’s search results or via a URL). the last ten years he has implemented solutions in all major versions of Posts that are saved for later can be accessed via SharePoint home: Saved news posts are also available within the SharePoint mobile app, but more on that later. You can then add an image from any of the following locations: One location that’s not on the list (yet!) Integrating SharePoint Online and HubStor. The pages with the value 2 are for news, and those with the value 0 are site pages. This is a tough pill to swallow for long-term users, as news scheduling was possible back in classic SharePoint. But don’t despair: this feature was confirmed to be on the roadmap during Ignite 2018. SharePoint news are a great way to showcase latest news/events on the intranet but there's something lacking with out of the box news functionality which this solution solves. You should also keep an eye on the message center in your SharePoint administration center. In modern SharePoint, you can do it all yourself, but you’re restricted to the six built-in options shown above. This saves up valuable space, and you can already use the New button located in the Site action bar. The one downside of external articles is the absence of comments and likes. Definitely not! Note: This solution is based on SharePoint Framework webpart and will be deployed on SharePoint App Catalog. Once you create or add five news items, a link to the news archive will appear. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to delete a comment; you can only disable comments on a per-page basis. The pages library contains your site and news pages. Only the 4 latest articles show up on the home page and then when you add the 5th article, SharePoint automatically creates what is effectively your News Archive. Shoaib is a SharePoint Consultant. Option 1 steps: Step 1: Add the Page Property to the Site Pages library. An insightful look at how technology is changing the way you work. Modern SharePoint news pages are integrated with Microsoft Flow, which allows you to set up an approval process. ranging from development in C# and .NET technologies to Web applications. In this on-demand webinar, ShareGate's Benjamin Niaulin looks at how you can leverage your Office 365 subscription to keep pace with the evolving workplace. Delivered right to your inbox, every so often. Features:  Great design to showcase news with images and description. Learn all about the SharePoint framework here. This article from fellow MVP Tracy van der Schyff takes a closer look at the topic. Are you using page properties? Once you’ve published the news post, it’ll automatically be displayed on the home page of your SharePoint site, where your colleagues will be able to view it, leave a reply, like it, or save it for later. These pages could contain sensitive information for the outside world. The SharePoint mobile app lets you update your team on the go. Be able to select multiple Authors/Categories at the same time for advanced drill down filtering Advanced Features: Query Parameters can be added to do searching/filtering and use those links with query parameters to show only a bunch of news based on selected filters. Again, it’s a great way to bring people back to your SharePoint. Your Office 365 tenant, and, eventually, your modern SharePoint Online news pages, are automatically updated whenever new features or patches are released. Each time a news item is published, a notification is sent to all users, which is an excellent way to bring people back to your SharePoint portals. The New button, for creating a news post or link, isn’t available. Theme will match the color of your intranet.

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