FENDER PRECISION or JAZZ Bass, TELE, STRAT "RELIC" SERVICE **LOOK! This can be used as a real string-though bridge like a genuine 1950's Tele bridge, and also has top-mount holes in the rear- … C $131.87. ** C $19.79 shipping. It’s scatterwound to 6.6K with 42 AWG wire and has flat alnico III magnets for open tone with sweeter treble response than typical Teles. Weighs 7 ½ lbs. Guitarfetish Price $30.95 In Stock . 5 new & refurbished from US $46.99. ***A SERIAL NUMBER TELECASTER BRIDGE TAKES 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS TO MAKE Aged hardware: Fender USA PAT PEND bridge; dome top Tele knobs, control plate, Fender strap buttons, electrosocket jack, aged neck plate and screws. Lists for £92. We are now offering them WITH or WITHOUT the vintage look serial number stamped onto them. It’s not relic’d, but the materials and cloth-covered wire are vintage correct. This is a real honest-to-goodness USA Tele sized 2 1/8" string spacing- NOT the Asian 10.5mm - which is very common with some other vendors. Many of you wanted a Telecaster bridge plate without the saddles, so here you go! relic hardware fender » relic hardware gibson » relic hardware strat » relic tele hardware fender » all strat relic hardware » reliced telecaster hardware » relic les paul hardware » relic hardware stratocaster » fender relic hardware » relic hardware kluson » relic hardware bridge » relic guitar hardware » "Cocked Wah (Eldred Mod)" Esquire wiring. For Sale is a distressed relic Tele Squier with plenty of character. 1 volume control, 1 tone control. RELIC Aged Chrome Hardtail Bridge, Fits Teles® and Strats® Guitarfetish Price $19.95 In Stock . C $19.98 shipping. 4) All new vintage cloth wiring … These are incredibly rare to find with a stamped number on them, grab one while you can! C $78.43. Filter-Tron, GF"Tron-Fit Vintage Tele Bridge, Solid Brass Saddles. 2) Neck pickup is a new Tone Rider Vintage Tele. Fender Custom Shop 1960 Heavy Relic Telecaster Bridge Relic Tele Bridge Saddles. 1) Body is ash and is fully shielded with copper foil. 3) Bridge pickup is a used Seymour Duncan Broadcaster. Limited Edition '60's Tele® Thinline Journeyman Relic®, Rosewood Fingerboard, Aged Natural More about Limited Edition '60s Tele® Thinline. The Limited Edition '60s Telecaster® Thinline Journeyman Relic® delivers sharp and articulate Tele® tone with an air of warmth and resonance. Filter-Tron, GF"Tron-Fit Vintage GOLD Tele Bridge, Solid Brass Saddles . Porter 9T Tele Pickup (Bridge) Like the Fralin, the Porter 9T will add muscle Genuine Fender Road Worn Aged/Relic 3-saddle Telecaster/Tele Bridge 099-7210-000.

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