Hudedagaddi, B.K. D.P. Download as PDF. It showcases real-life examples of using quantum computing algorithms, ex-plaining how the problems are solved and the solutions ob-tained. Quantum inspired computational intelligent techniques in image segmentation . Quantum computing (QC) is a new area of research which incorporates elements from mathematics, physics, and computing. Abstract. 7.3.1 The Order-Finding Problem 130 7.3.2 Some Mathematical Preliminaries 131 7.3.3 The Eigenvalue Estimation Approach to Order Find-ing 134 7.3.4 Shor’s Approach to Order Finding 139 7.4 Finding Discrete Logarithms 142 7.5 Hidden Subgroups 146 7.5.1 More on Quantum Fourier Transforms 147 7.5.2 Algorithm for the Finite Abelian Hidden Subgroup Problem 149 7.6 Related Algorithms and … Corresponding author: About this page. Set alert. An approach to the solution of NP-complete problems based on quantum computing and chaotic dynamics is proposed. The most difficult problem to solve in improving quantum computing and communications is the fragility of the quantum state of matter. Tripathy, in Quantum Inspired Computational Intelligence, 2017. cial solutions they can be applied to. Overall, it is a holistic, practical guide to quantum computing and its applicability to nancial problems for 1The authors are with IBM Quantum. This book supplies a collection of problems in quantum computing and quantum information together with their detailed solutions, which will prove to be invaluable to students as well as to research workers in these fields.

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