I'll give you a hint. Generate tons of puns! Me and my mother-in-law's relationship in a nut shell. These tooth puns will make you laugh out loud and it would be fun if you’re on your way to a dentist appointment, or in the waiting room, to relieve any tension. u/tcbst15, Me: yes? . Or perhaps you just want more chemistry puns for your photo captions? At dinner tonight my mother in law asked why my sons knife had a bend in it, What's the difference between In-Laws and Outlaws. he was always playing the devil's advocate. What do you call law enforcement in a large city? Law: Laws are similar to rules in science. If so, great! What is the difference between Murphys Law and Coles Law? This was hilarious! Nonce word: The World as Law Tweet The Word as Law: Lisa's First World Tweet Lisa's First Word: World document Tweet Word document: Microsoft World Viewer Tweet Microsoft Word Viewer: World stem Tweet Word stem: Very long instruction World Tweet Very long instruction word: World clock Tweet Word clock: Are You Being World Tweet Are You Being Served The largest collection of funny puns in the world. I knew a guy in law school who was Wiccan. There's an onion, and he's studying law at a prestigious college. Do you know what Cole's Law is? https://preview.redd.it/a3n7cgbjwc251.jpg?width=460&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=b4dc19a8ee665c65d31ab7c05bd52536654f18b6. I mean, Look at the poor fella freezing out there. The lawyer then found himself in a trial against the law maker. My sister-in-law accidentally won a beauty pageant for vampire hunters. Coles Law is just very thin sliced cabbage. When we hear the word police we only think of enforcement of law, prevention of crime and civil disorder, and protection of possessions, liberty and lives of citizens. Or perhaps you just want more science puns for your photo captions? I'd break into a maximom security prison for you! My father-in-law (who's last name is Word) after a week of travel: Are you getting sick of the Word "family"? . He's in his third year, and after a particularly tough day, he gets an invite from one of his onion-friends to a party they're having that evening. At age 20 he was given 3 months to live due to another ‘incurable’ disease. I like the picture of the man carrying his head lol. (Smh this wasn't appreciated enough at r/jokes). general: science, scientist, experiment, test, theory, fact, proof, lab, laboratory, method, matter, mass, volume, know,  knowledge, explanation, prediction, hypothesis, universe, world, natural (world), thesis, evidence, empirical, observe, measure, study, robot, academic, verify, research, academic, motion, concept, idea, thought, think,  understand, conclude, deduce, derive, discern, gravitation, gravity, general relativity, spacetime, space, time, newtonian, quantum mechanics, big bang, evolution, nuclear, fusion, fission, organic, compound, chemical, periodic table, element, STEM, atom, atomic, photon, electron, ion, composition, formula, solution, gas, liquid, solid, acid, alkaline, alloy, conduct, insulate, refract, orbital, reaction, plasma, metal, energy, stable, inert, entropy, rule, law, model, mix, mixture, fermion, quark, lepton, organism, drug, cell, agent, concentrate, enzyme, joule, kelvin, mineral, dilute, volt, a priori, radar, phenomena, particle, milky way, solar system, planet, statistics, system, feedback, analysis, analyse, force, biomass, ecosystem, life, function, growth, origin, peer review, result, cause, enlightenment, electricity, momentum, thermodynamics, DNA, circuit, tech, technology, higgs boson, wave, causal, correlation, fallacy, bias, observation, discovery, learning, vaccine, genetics, gene, spore, penicillin, mould, enzyme, kinetic, germ/s, bacteria, string theory, anatomy, toxicology, genome, stem, GMO, optics, polymer, statics, info/information, weight, momentum, conservation, conduction, convection, radiation, sound, star, galaxy, comet, asteroid, meteor, bond, crystal, structure, synthesis, redox, erosion, seismology, phytology, taxonomy, morphology, phyla, chlorophyll, membrane, climate, species, extinct, habitat, biome, trophic, keystone, holism, trend, amoeba, complex, memory, adapt, cognitive, social, pressure, relation/relationship, mutation, variation, amino, protein, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdowm, domain, virus, viral, nebule, supernova, cosmic, density, solar, stellar, wormhole, cloud, galactic, milky way, colony, orbit, nova, moon, flux, sound, velocity, chaos (theory), fluid, continuum, dimension, 2D, 3D, 4D, torque, oscillate, power, conduct, tensor, paradox, world, equation, metric, matrix, principle, laser, phase, cosmos, penicillin, field, subject, control, ethics, journal, degree, chemist, speculate, infer, judge, eureka, perceive, rational, realise, reason, conclude, form, theorem, evidence, example, sample, data, datum, axiom, conclude, conclusion, explain, guess, interpret, basis, condition, demo, statement, inquire, inquiry, investigate, investigation, search, assess, trial, error, examine, search, probe, dissect, abstract, figure, assay, branches of science: astronomy, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, social science, economics, psychology, sociology, logic, mathematics/math, compsci/computer science, engineering, geology, ecology, zoology, taxonomy, botany, pharmacy, famous scientists: copernicus, galileo galilei, isaac newton, albert einstein, galvani, aldini, volta, georg ohm, maxwell, max planck, niels bohr, schrodinger, edwin hubble, charles darwin, descartes, occam, locke, karl popper, christine ladd, marie curie, laplace, hawking, fermi, edison, nikola tesla, leonardo da vinci, feynman, rachel carson, bill nye, carl sagan, tim berners-lee, ada lovelace, grace hopper, james watt, paul dirac, nobel, beatrix potter, babbage, celcius, noam chomsky, turing, equipment: beaker, vapour, flask, burette, cathode, centrifuge, dewar, magnet, pipette, redox, retort, saline, bottle, vial, bunsen burner, test tube, petri dish, agar, microscope, slide, goggles, tongs, crucible, forceps, thermometer, camera, telescope, barometer, Did you find the science-related pun that you were looking for?

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