At Puerto Rico Hardwoods, everyday, we are dealing with the sawdust of many tropical hardwoods. Best Materials. Increase the value of Puerto Rico’s natural resources. Radio Ecológica. Among them are the coconut palm, which has a smooth gray bark marked by ring scars from fallen fronds and which bears the beloved coconut in abundance; the royal palm, distinguished by its tall, thin, straight trunk, which grows to 25 feet and sports a crown of leaves that are silver on the underside; the Puerto Rican hat palm, featuring a fat tubular trunk and fan-shaped frond; and the sierra palm, which … Nuestra Madera became the owner of a collection of 120 different hardwoods of Puerto Rico, thanks to Prof. J.M Mutt. Go back, or return to Puerto Rico Hardwoods home page to choose a new page. Much information was gathered on wood, products, artisans, fairs, woodworkers, & sawmills. The action was also authorized by the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. We recognize that to be one of the first of Puerto Rico’s hardwood distributors, sustainability isn’t just a marketing device; it is a practice that ensures the future of our lives and then our business. Additionally, in the context of global increases in deforestation, demonstrating long-term methods for economic utilization of previously disturbed secondary forests in Puerto Rico is valuable in helping reduce pressure on the economic exploitation of pristine rainforest areas globally. Add to the permits that DNER and Permit Management Office of PR recommend for the responsible use of unwanted wood. Thrity Jal Vakil2000-2007: Volunteer with Tropic Ventures Sustainable Forestry Project.2007-present: Director; Science Research director, management, logistics, finance, and hands-on aspects of tree selection, wood harvest, production, drying, marketing, and selling.2015-present: President of PRH, rescue of wasted wood; milling and drying operations; sustainable hardwood supplier. HISTORY2011: The Education & Research arm of Tropic Ventures Sustainable Forestry Project, In Patillas, was awarded a $21,000 grant by the DNER in PR to assess the wood and non-wood forest products on the island. Contactos. A list of woods that are known to cause allergic, toxic, infectious, or respiratory reactions We are requesting the co-operation and advice everyone in this undertaking which will utilize part of the recent natural disaster as an opportunity, a literal wind fall, to showcase the value of our island’s forests and her hardwoods. If you wish to help in this effort: . Andrés Rúa created the website to document and archives the findings. Open the discussion for partnerships to create success into the future for a sustainable forestry and hardwood enterprise. Proper masks and safety equipment are always in use. Most important is the abolition of vegetative waste being sent to land-fills. : (939) 415-7749. Use CADA as a task force and certifying body. Please report any broken links to our team. Puerto Rico Hardwoods – Somos líderes en maderas puertorriqueña comprar ahora Ofrecemos una gran variedad de maderas exóticas tropicales. PRH was created and developed by Andrés Rúa and Thrity Vakil. An enterprise to pursue the process of sustainable forestry in Puerto Rico from all angles. This valuable milled wood is currently stored at the Tropic Ventures drying facility in Patillas. PRH is located on the land known as Las Casas de la Selva, home to the Tropic Ventures Sustainable Forestry Project, in the southern mountains adjacent to the Carite State Forest, on the island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. The immediate challenge in Puerto Rico is to help in the relief of the impact of the hurricane, and create an industry from the resources that are currently lying on the ground rather than discard them as waste. Management of private plantations for timber. We believe, as a young enterprise, in the sustainable future of this island, which will require the intelligent use of our resources. As part of PRH’s business model, the trunks and sizeable branches of trees that need to be cut down, are taken to a repository for processing rather than being dumped as ‘waste’ in the islands sanitary landfills. The wood from Mahogany trees is coveted worldwide, and logging of these trees everywhere else that they grow is restricted in order to prevent their extinction. Go back, or return to Puerto Rico Hardwoods home page to choose a new page. Inicio; Tienda. It was necessary to remove these trees in order to preserve the structural integrity of a culturally and historically valuable site, and the roads and pavement surrounding the Arroyo Cemetery. Puerto Rico Hardwoods Inc. © 2018. An example follows: In July 2015, twenty-three 50-year old trees of the Puerto Rican Mahogany Hybrid, (Swietenia mahagoni x macrophylla), were felled by the Municipality of Arroyo, as expressly authorized by the DNER through permit. Create a bulletin to let interested parties (sawmills and artisans) know where tree felling activities are occurring, or scheduled, allowing easy access to removal. PRH is committed to help in the economic recovery of Puerto Rico. Diana Font designs hardwood furniture like chairs, sofas, tables and more. Change the way we look at vegetative ‘waste’ and value it as a resource instead. (Link to images- coming soon) Dr. Frank H. Wadsworth, provided mentorship to the team, and continues to do so, to the present. Untold thousands of trees fell down, or broke, during Category 4 Hurricane Maria, blocking roads and damaging buildings and homes. Puerto Rico Hardwoods Inc. (PRH) is a Puerto Rican business enterprise that arose from the need to divert from the waste-stream wood refuse derived from scheduled cuttings by government and commercial entities alike. PRH sits within a backdrop of thirty years of dedicated people participation in sustainable forestry. Puerto Rico does not have the facilities to process such a large quantity of tree trunks as lumber. Caoba, acacia, narra, almendro, teca y más. BO Bairoa Ave. Rafael Cordero final . Search. As part of PRH’s business model, the trunks and sizeable branches of trees that need to be cut down, are taken to a repository for processing rather than being dumped as ‘waste’ … Establish a strategy for storm/hurricane-fallen trees to recover that wood for use, and not disposal. Haciendo mejoras al hogar... @prhardwoods encuentras esa madera que le traerá un toque especial a tu hogar. Tim Dehm spent three months and partook in all aspects of project life, and spent time woodworking, making small tables and stools. This enterprise is concerned with employment in all areas from salvage and transportation, harvesting, milling, drying, and creation of value-added products, along with marketing and sales. The best hardwood handmade furniture in Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER), promotes the salvaging of hardwoods and specifically endorses the initiative of PRH of diverting from the waste stream any commercially valuable hardwoods, including trees that are listed, but felled for specified and DNER authorized reasons. en Puer…. PRH came into being in the cradle of these discussions. The ongoing study of forestry, awareness and training in sustainable management practices, tree-planting activities, and erosion control are perpetually linked into these activities.

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