Fear of public speaking is the most common of all phobias. Public speaking is one of the most common fears of humans. A fear of public speaking is considered the number one fear among societies population. A good first step towards overcoming your fear of public speaking is realizing that you’re most certainly not alone. believe in yourself, It will take time and practice, you will be amazed how you can get rid of that nervous energy and anxiety to fully overcome your fear of public speaking and presentation anxiety. Even though it might seem like some people have this special gift for speaking in public, the truth is no one was born a great speaker, people train themselves to become great public speakers. Over time, people try to protect themselves by either avoiding public speaking or by struggling against speech anxiety. Public speaking continues to be a top fear of humanity.Whether you’re speaking to a group of 10 or 10,000, public speaking is nerve-wracking. Statistics show that over 70% of the population suffers from this fear, and there are very few people who can confidently step up onto a stage or deliver a public speech without any worries whatsoever. It is also considered to be a social anxiety disorder where individuals suffer from performance anxiety. The medical term referring to the fear of public speaking is called “glossophobia.” The following statistics provide a in depth perspective to the current state of public speaking phobias. Fear of public speaking and panic attacks is extremely common, we all deal with it at some point in our life, but you have the potential to be a great public speaker. The word glossophobia comes from the Greek glōssa, meaning tongue, and phobos, fear or dread. The concept of standing in front of a group — all eyes on you, everyone quiet and listening to you — is daunting. Here’s the bad news: Our brains have transferred that ancient fear of being watched onto public speaking. To be the … Continue reading "Public Speaking: A Fear Worse Than Death" It's a form of performance anxiety in which a person becomes very concerned that he or she will look visibly anxious, maybe even have a panic attack while speaking. In other words, public-speaking anxiety is in our DNA. Ask anyone to rank their fears, and an overwhelming number of people rate public speaking as their ultimate fear — bypassing spiders, a tax audit, or second Trump term.

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