The role of different elements of religion has been insufficiently studied. Faculty of Psychology University of Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. HAMKA, Indonesia. P2336 Criteria of spirituality of the personality on the basis of universal values: experience of Kazakhstan, Nazgul Anarbek (1), Mensulu T Yesseyeva (2), Igor V Kotliarov (3), Botagoz Zhunissova (4), Ruslan Nalivaev (5) 1. They finally indicated the extent to which they believe in God or other higher order entity. Based on this paradigm, experts agree that what makes the healing process of the placebo comes to effect lies on the premise of how best the effectiveness of the treatment is conveyed to the client on one hand, and the degree of the client's confidence regarding the effectiveness of the treatment on the other. Results revealed that Spirituality is a significant predictor of Altruism (β = .26, p = .001), Psychological well‐being (β = .21, p = .009) and Gratitude (β = .39, p = .001). Single‐item versions of the six RSS subscales measured struggles in this sample. They differ in terms of their ideas about the relationship between human beings and the gods. As none of the studies manage to capture a holistic understanding of the phenomenom, that is the aim of our study. The results showed that people tend to be more hesitant when discarding a lucky charm without undergoing a religious ceremony first (t(64) = 11.26, p < .01); to cremate a deceased relative without any religious ceremony than with a religious ceremony (t(64) = 11.51, p < .01); and to be more hesitant to account a lucky incidents in terms of god's help (t(63) = 2.68, p < .01). The results show that fire symbolizes abandoning the egoistic, self‐protective way of life as well as symbolizing the transcendent power beyond the ego. The results pointed out the four predictors explained 29.4% of the variance (R2 = 0.294). A project on the Examen was conducted in a secondary school with around 1000 students. The philosopher Tsang said, "I daily examine myself on three points" and so on. An empirical study on the impact of the Examen in relation to the well‐being of adolescents is being considered. A modern ethical typology appreciating unity in diversity for global multiculturalism is explored. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India; 2. The steps include (1) Silence; (2) Gratitude; (3) Awareness of Feelings; (4) Reflection; (5) Betterment and Anticipation. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. in their experience. In the uncertain (certain) condition, participants completed a biased questionnaire which led them to perceive that the world is uncertain and unpredictable (certain and predictable) (see Job et al., 2010). For topics on particular articles, maintain the dialogue through the usual channels with your editor. 35 (k = 12,1). Papers evaluating clinically relevant issues surrounding training, professional development, and practice are also considered. In the main study, the Japanese participants (n = 44) were primed with either religion‐related words such as Jinjya (Shinto shrine), Hotoke (Buddha), moral‐related words such as police, court, and neutral words. Patterns of regression coefficients differed when predicting meaning in life versus life satisfaction. P2345 Discussions of the passion play in Oberammergau from the aspect of religious psychology, Mauymi Morimoto sirayuri college graduate school, Japan. It is a reality and the model of the world. Do predictive relationships support distinguishing meaning in life from life satisfaction? Case Western Reserve University, United States of America; 2. Part 2 investigates the cognitive, motivational, and cultural learning pathways from religious belief to disbelief and irreligion. Altruism (β = .30, p = .001) and Psychological well‐being (β = .18, p = .03) were also significantly impacted by Gratitude. Academic journal article Journal of Psychology and Theology. We examined the effect of religious priming in a Japanese sample in an anonymous dictator game with culture‐specific religious primes, as previous literature on religious priming on prosociality has mainly been conducted within western contexts. In 2012, we initiated in a large‐scale research project involving over 7,000 participants yielding both qualitative and quantitative data. Learn about our remote access options. According to J. Naisbitt , "spirituality" is a megatrend. In most Asian cultures, religious philosophies play an important role in leading human beings towards positive life goals. The purpose is to have a forum in which general doubts about the processes of publication in the journal, experiences and other issues derived from the publication of papers are resolved. Papers evaluating clinically relevant issues surrounding training, professional development, and practice are also … Furthermore, multiple regression analysis was used to test if the parental bonding, god perception, gender and religiousness predicted participants' sexual embarrassments level (F4,219 = 22.829, p < .01). P2346 Compassionate feeling might reduce desire for punishment: A preliminary study, Yusuke Murakami Naruto University of Education, Japan. OR1746 Conceptualizing Sacredness and the Divine: Comparing Adherents of Dharmic and Abrahamic Religions in the U.S. and India, Lauren S Crane (1), Shabana Bano (2) 1. University of Jinan, China. Data Source: Scopus®, Metrics based on Scopus® data as of April 2020. Religious Experiences as Selfobject Experiences for the Fragmented Self: A Self Psychological Approach to the Korean Revival Movement in 1907, Jung Eun Jang Ewha Womans University, Republic of Korea. This would include methodology, the research questions, and instrumentation. New ways of metaphorical thinking have been encouraged, and it entails nor only a proactive role in imagination and phantasy, but also interactions, and new myths, stories, oral literature that cannot be grasped by non‐initiates, among them, a large number of scholars, and why not, many psychologists. The aim was to examine whether parental bonding, religiousness and God perceptions predict sexual embarrassment. University of Tokyo, Japan. The university of Tokyo, Japan, Discussants: Michael L Calmano (1), Kobo Matsushima (2), 1. To explore this relationship between religion and positive psychology constructs, Religiosity Scale (Wilkes et al., 1989), Daily Spiritual Experience Scale‐SF (Underwood and Teresi, 2002), Gratitude Questionnaire (McCullough et al., 2002), Altruism Scale (Rushton et al., 1981), Heartland Forgiveness Scale (Thompson et al., 2005) and Mental Health Continuum‐SF (Keyes, 2005) were administered on a sample of 150 participants (Mean age = 24.79 yrs, SD = 7.98). What influence does religion have on altruistic belief and prosocial behavior? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‐Day Saints, more commonly referred to as the Mormon church, is one of the largest and fastest growing religious denominations in the world. Moreover, there have been a number of psychotherapeutic techniques developed that are based on mindfulness meditation. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality ® publishes peer-reviewed, original articles related to the psychological aspects of religion and spirituality. Results show that under certainty, risk‐seeking individuals believed less in God; however, under uncertainty, no significant difference between risk‐seeking and risk‐averse individuals was found. The enmeshing of different ontological perspectives coupled with the realization of co‐existence of multiple views/realities has sustained the different practices and life styles. Some struggles predicted unique variance in meaning and well‐being beyond religious belief salience and participation. OR1757 Studying of educational model of school under the conditions of implementation of "Selfknowledge" moral and spiritual education program, Rysty A Mukazhanova (1), Aigul I Akhmetova (2), Anzhelika A Karabutova (3), Alya K Oralbekova (4) 1.

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