Happy picture taking! Discover photos, videos and articles from friends that share your passion for beauty, fashion, photography, travel, music, wallpapers and more. 25. For this photoshoot idea, I want you to consider creating a photo, or series of photos, which relate to a favourite movie or TV show. blogged.”. You’ll want to choose props that really personalize the picture. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks! Hooray! 28. Just get close to it! 100 Concepts for your future couples Photoshoots. Military Base or Dress – If you or your spouse are in the military, these are so perfect. Snow – Winter means cuddling! 29. Think about what kind of location really represents you as a couple when you’re trying to decide where to take pictures. No Prior Knowledge Required; Description. Amusement Park {or Fair} – Revisit childhood and take adorable pictures with the lights and booths. Cafe – Sip some hot cocoa and let the chill vibes of a cafe permeate your pictures. Car or Truck – Do you restore or race cars? 56. Concept Couples Photography: 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas. Only the Girl Looks – Focus on the eyes of the girl in this couple picture idea. 39. Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Any questions? 49. However, don’t forget to check permissions and be extra careful when utilizing train tracks for your couple poses. 5. 17. Forehead Kiss – Why are forehead kisses so tender? And thanks for including my work. 67. You are SO welcome! This is the post of all posts!!!!!! Tippy Toes Couple Poses – Another couple pose that works best with a height difference. Save them on your phone to show your photographer OR email them over to him/her in advance. Hand on Chest –  A perfect relaxed hug. Nose Kiss – Keeping your kisses moving around the face, land on the nose! Dip – This can be an extension of the dance couple pose. Look deep into each others’ eyes. Laundromat – For a casual, cutesy look, snap some couples pics at a laundromat? Hubby and I may invest in a tripod for sure! 32. We LOVE hearing from our readers! We are so grateful for these wonderfully talented photographers who capture love so beautifully!**. 89. It’s a great way to show off all those great engagement photos at your wedding and it also makes a great keepsake. Around Town – Find some interesting views in your own town. Capture that love. 42. Please click over to their sites if you are interested in their services! 81. 98. Not only that, but they will also be FUN! Photography Credit: Natalie Norton Photography. Thanks for leaving us some love! I can’t WAIT to dive into figuring out all of my favs!!!! Jun 2, 2017 - Explore Patrick Olalia's board "Photoshoot Concepts" on Pinterest. Pre-wedding photoshoot is one such part, that has become the first thing to do when planning for a wedding. For a flawless photoshoot, make sure you’re organized and know what you want. Regardless of the stage of life you and your sweetheart are in, these tips will help make sure you’re capturing photos of just the 2 of you that make you feel good! Words are hard for me sometimes and sometimes they are not, but one thing for sure is that these two had me connected. Silhouette – For a dramatic couple pose, plan your shoot around the time of day when a silhouette is possible. Photography. Lying on Backs – Gaze together at the sky and relax. Photography Credit: Corinna Hoffman Photography. Make sure your lipstick doesn’t transfer! OR whisper something saucy! 2. Back to Back – Support each other by going back-to-back with this cute couple pose. Arm in Arm Couple Poses – Often paired with walking, link those arms. 22. 71. Books – How adorable are library pictures?! Umbrella – There is never such an adorable prop as an umbrella. . A black and white story is a good couple photoshoot concept for individuals who’d like their pictures to be timeless. Country – Bottle up the charm of a simple country scene. Written By Shanelle Flowers – you can never go wrong bringing flowers to a photoshoot. 73. For example, consider where you spend a lot of time and which places hold special significance to your relationship. 27. I found this so helpful!! I was thinking the other day how my husband and I need more fun ideas for taking pictures. Suitcases – Suitcases can lend a vintage vibe to your cute couple pictures, in addition to providing seating options. Includes a Mood Board for all of them. If you want a picture to show up next to your comments, get set up with a gravatar! Beach – The natural elements of a beach shoot always produce beautiful pictures. Good luck at your couple’s photoshoot! Once you know what you want, make sure you communicate it to your photographer. Even if it’s just a quick 10-minute session that your neighbor took in your backyard, just do it! Fence – Have a farm? Are you taking couples pictures soon? Steps – Add some different levels, seating options, or just a fun background. Swept Off Feet – Throw yourself into your lover’s arms – but make sure they know it’s coming! Emotion for is #1. Put yourselves at ease with a sports court theme. So glad you found it helpful, Max! Photography Credit: Krystal and Co. However, encourage yourself and your spouse to really get into it. Check these out! If you want to be outside, bring along your favorite novels. Arms From Behind – Snuggle in close from behind with this classic couple pose. Finally, choose some of your favorite couples photography poses, locations, and props. Were you serenaded by your love? Make sure to come back and tell us which pose is your favorite! One of the greatest wedding photoshoot ideas for fall is to ask the bride … Hand on Back of Head –  Relax into the one you love while caressing their hair. In Bed – Lastly, take it to the bedroom. 65. {To keep the cost down.

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