May mate for life. Where the two species meet in western Alaska and eastern Siberia, the Arctic Loon has a greenish patch on its throat. Both parents feed young. Legal Notices Privacy Policy Contact Us. Would be vulnerable to pollution in offshore wintering areas. [12], A pair of Pacific loons will defend young as a parental unit in which one parent protects the nest or fledglings while the other parent aggressively attacks the perceived threat. They nest on tundra lakes, where their far-carrying wails lend a haunting sound to the Arctic landscape. In all plumages, lack of a white flank patch distinguishes this species from the otherwise very similar black-throated loon. Text © Kenn Kaufman, adapted from In the east, it is the rarest and least known of the three loons found there. Its bill is grey or whitish and dagger-shaped. Feeds mostly on fish, some crustaceans and insects. Iridescent throat patch can appear purple, green or black. Furthermore, males have a greater success at territory retention than females, but no evidence suggests that this difference is attributed to size but is rather due to fighting ability or familiarity with territory. [13], This species, like all divers/loons, is a specialist fish-eater, catching its prey underwater. Incubation lasts 23 to 25 days. Common loon. Adults may fly several miles from nesting territory to other waters to feed and to bring back food for young. One brood per year. [10] It does, although, generally feed closer to the shore than other loons. They have a grey head, black throat, white underparts and chequered black-and-white mantle. [14] Current efforts of conservation are focused around loon population monitoring and maintaining accurate counts of populations and breeding behaviors. Flight is direct with rapid wing beats. When a loon eats the fish it will incorporate the mercury from the fish into their bodies which can cause adverse health effects. The Pacific loon can be differentiated from the red-throated loon in winter by the latter's paler look, the fact that the red-throated loon has less of a contrast between both the crown and hindneck and the throat, and the bill that looks to be upturned.[6]. They measure 58–74 cm (23–29 in) in length, 110–128 cm (43–50 in) in wingspan and weigh 1–2.5 kg (2.2–5.5 lb). During the breeding season, they have a silvery head, black-and-white stripes on neck, and white patches on back. The leg placement helps the loons efficiently forage for food underwater. A recent in depth study of the Pacific loon population in the Western Alaskan Arctic found that the population of the birds there is actually ~1.5-2.0 times larger than previous aerial surveillance had indicated. Bald Eagle. A long-bodied, low-slung diver. It’s the least you can do. It has a gray crown and nape, red eyes and a slender black bill. Restoring a national icon takes luck, patience, and more than a little guile. Type in your search and hit Enter on desktop or hit Go on mobile device. [10], Socially monogamous Pacific loons have been found to have high territory retention rates (0.92) indicating that the loons are able to successfully defend their nesting lake from other loon pairs or individuals who may be trying to move in. . . The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow, throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation. Age at first flight probably 60-65 days. Help power unparalleled conservation work for birds across the Americas, Stay informed on important news about birds and their habitats, Receive reduced or free admission across our network of centers and sanctuaries, Access a free guide of more than 800 species of North American birds, Discover the impacts of climate change on birds and their habitats, Learn more about the birds you love through audio clips, stunning photography, and in-depth text.

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