Arnold had 22 1/4 inch arms at a bodyweight of 235 and a tight 32 inch waist. No, because everyone was getting huge arms back then not just a few. At his peak, Sergio's arms were nearly 23 inches, actually bigger then his own head, yet his waist was a tiny 28 inches all at a bodyweight of 240 pounds. Increase the load as soon as you can do 12 reps or so with perfect form. You probably don't know me, and you're not sure if this is what you have been looking for. You can get this amazing Quick Arm Building Program FREE when you order today. Furthermore, it’s crucial to keep your workouts varied and challenge your muscles into growth. It’s a waste of time. Chances are you’re familiar with most of these, but there are a couple forgotten exercises below that you may not see performed that often. First of all, keep your workouts organized. One-Arm Dumbbell Row. You must see significant increases in arm size or you can have all your money back. I completely understand. Arm Training Mistakes That Are Killing Your Gains, 1. PS Old School Arms is your ultimate guide to building "jacked" arms. Note, though — these strategies should not be used for each exercise in your workout routine. I can only guarantee you'll receive them if you order right away. First things first, make sure you know a thing or two about the anatomy of your upper arm. It's a sad fact, that when modern day bodybuilders get together they talk about drugs - steroids, growth hormone, insulin, synthol, etc. If you’re wondering how to get bigger arms, you need to hit these muscles from all angles. “I see guys doing these on occasion, but they rarely do them the right way. want? Just pump out as many reps as you can. On the contrary — it has its role in any training plan. Order TODAY to get the arms you have been desperate for and truly deserve to have. Only a natural could curl 220 pounds six reps. That’s what he does today – and a whole lot more. Was it all genetics? If you told Arnold and Leroy that you only trained arms once a week, they would laugh in your face! Heavy weight and ample volume will ensure a killer pump. Old School Labs™ is a brand of COSIDLA Inc. Grip strength was the Secret Weapon used by Old School Bodybuilders for lifting heavier weights and building bigger arms. The bicep is smaller and has only two heads. In the meantime, check out these common arm training mistakes that are killing your gains: A common training mistake is using the same number of sets for the biceps and triceps. This way, you’ll have the energy and strength needed to exhaust these muscles and give your best. Chances are you’re familiar with most of these, but there are a couple forgotten exercises … Without a doubt, isolation exercises can give you insane pumps and improve muscle definition. Multijoint (compound) exercises recruit a larger number of muscle fibers and create greater mechanical tension than isolation movements. My name is Paul Becker and people call me "The Bodybuilding Historian" because I have studied the history of bodybuilding for over 30 years now. Many folks rush through the reps, trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. Stretch your biceps and triceps after every workout to loosen up and elongate the fascia, a layer of fibrous tissue surrounding your muscles. Second, you risk overtraining, which can lead to fatigue, loss of motivation, diminished performance, and injuries. Now that you know what NOT to do when training your arms, it’s time to learn the best strategies for building bigger guns. You also need to hit your shoulders from all angles to make your arms appear larger. It combines 30+ years of research that I have been hoarding and delivers it all to you in a simple, easy to understand format. But, I'll get to that soon, first I need to rant a little about... Who the hell wants to look like this - thick in the middle and thin in the arms? In this case, your arm workouts should come first. Determine how much time you can dedicate to arm training, what exercises you’ll do, and how many reps and sets you’ll perform for each muscle group. Add up to four additional sets to your triceps workout. Try advanced lifting techniques like giant sets, supersets, drop sets, and partials to shock your muscles into growth and prevent plateaus. After you can no longer perform any reps, reduce the load by about 10 percent and do a few more reps. It’s not uncommon to see folks who spend most of their gym time doing curls. These movements allow you to target specific muscles and while resting others. The bicep is only a small part of your arm. Begin by bending … But since you've read this far, I know you're interested in getting massive guns. The picture above was taken over 40 years ago, and shows the giant arms that bodybuilders had back then. Modern bodybuilders claim to be bigger and better than the bodybuilders of the past. Old School Arms Only $27.00 Click Here to Buy Now! ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. Your biceps, for instance, works together with the anterior forearm muscles and front deltoid. If you'll try out some of these The Old School Arm Programs for 30 days then you'll be sure to see big improvements to your biceps, triceps and forearms. I will admit that bodybuilders are heavier today, weighting 40 or more pounds than they did back in the day. … In addition to supersets, you can experiment with forced reps, negative reps, partial reps, cluster sets, giant sets, drop sets, and more. Please log in again. The triceps, for example, make up about two-thirds of your arm. You will instantly be directed to the download page upon purchase. It seems anything that uses body weight these days is taboo. Let’s say you’re training your arms every other day, but you barely see any results. Now 28 years old, Bill recalls 20 years ago when he cold flex a pretty good little biceps. Mike Neveux / Weider Health & Fitness / M+F Magazine The formula for developing muscular arms —the kind that garner as much attention in a sport coat as they do in a form-fitting tee—is simple: curl, curl, and curl some more. Therefore, you may need to get more rest to ward off fatigue and recover from training. They also target your biceps, triceps, and other small muscles indirectly, building size and strength. We have already mentioned supersets, drop sets, giant sets, and other advanced lifting techniques. Try our muscle-building protein blend to maximize your workouts and recover faster! Here are the, Your browser is outdated and is no longer supported. Was it drugs? When done right, they can help you prevent and fix muscular imbalances and recover from injuries. Don't believe me? You've probably never heard of John McWilliams, yet he may be the only man in history to have actually overdeveloped his arms. When you order today you'll also receive Grip Strength Training for FREE as well. As mentioned earlier, the triceps usually get less attention than the biceps. Copyright © 2020 COSIDLA Inc. All Rights Reserved. Old School Ways to Bomb the Triceps. Drop sets involve performing at least three consecutive sets with no rest between them. Grip strength was the Secret Weaponused by Old School Bodybuilders for lifting heavier weights and building bigger arms. We recommend our very own Vintage Brawn™ as the perfect post-workout addition to any routine that aims to build muscle fast. Also, decide whether you want to work biceps and triceps on the same day or combine them with larger muscle groups.

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