I’ve always been very impacted by my dreams, they are so vivid and real. I am on a journey to find my soul’s purpose and believe it may have something to do with that. Still trying to figure out what all this means. And listen. I walked partway down the long hallway, and there was one open bedroom to my left. She told me she saw a White Owl on her drive back to her home. Now certain. Me and my wife saw a white owl the night before a wedding! In fact, sometimes our connection to people is ever stronger after they have died! This morning while driving to work i stopped at a red light and after like a minute i looked to the left across the street there was a gas station and i saw on top of the roof on the right corner an owl standing stil all of a sudden it moved it’s head to the left , i looked to the left there was a second one all the way on the left corner of the roof . I had never thought about it before, but it makes sense. Ever since I was, I guess, born there has been this owl following me. In trying to sort out my dream, I am wondering if the part of my dream with my Father flying together over water along with all the white owls is a sign from my Dad to move on and that everything is going to be okay. People with the Great Horned Owl totem are also territorial, dominant, and attack life with great enthusiasm. But, I do think the owl is my spirit animal, since I’ve seen several more in the last few hours after getting up. The second vision, she was in the brillant, teal crystal temple with a huge teal waterfall. That owl was Quite and Not attacking me.. i also dint attacked just got scared ❓. As I walked up to it I could see it was large and not afraid of me at all I wanted to get it out of the street before someone hit it so I slowly walked around it just watched me . Any insights? To dream of an owl in a tree suggests wisdom. ever since i was about 6 every were i go (alone or not) i ten to see the same little owl i know its the same because on the right wing its white and the rest its body its an brown color . I took it home. It made a growling sound as if telling me to take my finger out of its mouth. I’m not normally someone who gives much thought to dreams. I think it means that you need to trust your gifts. Could it mean I may find a way to solve them both, given that the sick friend has family in Calgary, where I’m aiming to move, as well as my love? I have since found the others: Antelope for South, and Hummingbird for Inner! I had to save this owl, even through all the chaos surrounding me, my daughter, and two cats. The supernatural meaning of an owl hooting at night depends on your beliefs and superstitions. Me and his brother was like let’s go back to town and ask for help to find another way. I began racing a hawk across the field,who was also a man who had shapeshifted into the hawk. The event needs more content to be understood. They didn’t fall but they did wake up. Just wanted to share this thing… I had a dream today, that I’m running up a hill, very green grass and sunny day. I’ve never had an own dream so I was a little concern that reading about seeing a dead owl is not a good omen. COULD YOU PROVIDE ANY INSIGHT TO THIS DREAM I HAD? Hello! She is cancer free now. I just have to share something very unexpecting happened to me the other day. It startled me, but that soon went away cause all of a sudden I could feel… LOVE.. it was radiating the most INTENSE feeling of love I have ever felt, so much i started to cry happy tears. They appear in different categories in the lives of the People. When you have an Owl dream, it may be telling you that you need to let go of the past or specific negative behaviors. In the chaos a huge eagle was flying over me too close. A week or so later my brother had a incident where a accident caused a runaway tire to strike the center of his hood and grill on his van with so much force and impact it took us awhile to get the hood open and reposition it so that it would open and close. She had one blue eye in the center and the feathers around the eye were black. Tell me what does it mean?? I have more videos of Owls so if you like the one you see just click my name for many more animals totem videos. or maybe I have let my inner child die? The monster saw the clothes move and came and looked and found me crouching down with my back to it. The third time was today, I was driving again, the same big white owl was in the road, he flew off right away but only to a branch right above my head, I stopped the car, looked out my window to the branch he was in, and said hi to him, then I started to continue to drive, he flew over my car for a ways, before flying off this time. ” He calmed down, unruffled his feathers, and looked me in the eye’s with his oddly human eyes and then he looked up river and then up to the towering pines and cedar who’s grove we were standing in that afternoon. These folks are very observant and conserve their energy until the perfect moment to act. First I heard a noise I followed it threw the dark to discover 3 owls one small and white,one small and black and one large brown and white. Since owls can’t talk it was telling you best it could. But he had been there because.. Thunderbirds would arrive in spring and fly back south in the fall. I felt that the owl had to do with the prayer. There was a mother owl and a baby owl. All of them were hooting and screatching to where a friend of mine with me even noticed all of them. “To see a storm in your dream signifies some overwhelming struggle, shock, loss or catastrophe in your waking life.” You were safe inside your house, during the storm not out in the midst of it. In seeing them fly away, I often feel a sense of farewell coupled with wonder. This dreams stuck with me for a while now. But i was walking and something made me turn to the side and not 3 feet away from me was a burrowing owl perched on a fence. Of LOVE & LIGHT‼️ ❤️❤️❤️‼️ what could it mean?? Any ideas why this beautiful animal flew into my life? I feel this one is significant. What part of your abdomen? You’ll feel like your muddling through but just keep going making sure not to wear yourself out in the process, pace yourself. Even now, we are expecting a death due to cancer. You will have help for all your future plans… there—– IF you venture into “the wild”, and no longer keep “re-planting an old garden”. We have to look beyond the obvious, beyond the well worn path to see the path that may lead us to that place and to the things that we need. And my mum and everyone else were telling i shouldnt keep it, but i stood by my owl in the dream. I tell you this because all through out this period there were numerous owl signs. As soon as i mentally made peace with the looming death, a huge black owl appeared to the right of the monster and let out a blood=curdling screech that literally made the monster dissolve into thin air. He turned around and looked at me and sat there. An owl has sat on the corner of the roof above my bedroom 2 nights in the week now, I’m just wondering what this could mean? Now a week before I saw a big owl fly in front of my husband and I and I told him it’s a warning of bad news. My partner saw them a lot too. i nor my boyfreind had never seen an owl before today .. ok so just lastnight me and my boyfreind where walking our dogs and we walked into this ally in between to big stores ,and he was busy tieing his shoe and out of no where this owl flew on top the building it seriously had a wing spand of at least 4 1/2 to 5 feet .it was white but had little horns i live in lakewood colorado.anyway it just stared at me.so i told my bf to look at it .he couldnt believe it he wanted me to take a picture so i grabbed out my phone,but it died so i was turning it back on and before i could even get the phone back on i looked up as he was flying away the same way he came from..and then i looked back at my phone and the time was 11:11i found this weird beings if you ever see tht time its when an angel is watching.i need some one elses opinion on why it was there? There was suddenly a loud flapping sound and the dogs ran to the backroom door (down the hall ) barking uncontrollably, as i entered the room i saw this white and red/brown owl.

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