Looking for current press releases? They are quickly forced to resign as a result of numerous complaints, and the city authorized to engage mulattoes, which are placed under the authority of white officers, became a part of the United States on December 20, 1803 by virtue of the Louisiana Purchase. Full divisional and bureau contact information here. [22], In late May 2011, Captain Jeff Winn was fired and a number of other officers were reassigned for concealing details concerning the killing of Henry Glover in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Additional annual pay is merited for the following degrees:[33] Municipal police department in Louisiana, U.S. Robert Evangelist, Lance Schilling, and Stewart Smith, U.S. Department of Justice consent decree (2012), Non-District core components and command staff. Emergency Calls: 911. [citation needed]. The account said, "Crime had reached such proportions by the mid-1790s that a full-time city police force was required. On I-10 near the Esplanade Avenue exit in New Orleans, Louisiana. Shaun D. Ferguson has been the Superintendent of Police since January 18, 2019. Well-armed, they overwhelmed the 3500 members of the integrated Metropolitan police force, blacks and Republicans, and occupied the state armory and other buildings for three days. [38] Most of the suspensions ranged from 30-90 days, and most of the officers were exonerated. Prior to Katrina, the New Orleans Police Department was notable as being one of the few major departments in the country whose officers sported powder blue uniform shirts instead of the dark or navy blue shirts used by the majority of police forces nationwide. The suspect was later arrested. During French and Spanish years, a relatively large class of free people of color had developed in New Orleans, many of whom had become educated and property owners. Commander Kim Lewis-Williams was reduced in rank to her permanent civil service classification of police lieutenant and transferred back to patrol duties. Shot and killed as he and three other officers investigated reports of a suspicious man. A graduate of O. Perry Walker High School in 1990, Ferguson joined the New Orleans Police Department in December 1998. New Orleans Police Department 715 South Broad St New Orleans, LA 70119. On August 22, 2014, Interim Superintendent Harrison announced that veteran Deputy Superintendent of Operations Darryl Albert would now take command of the Investigative & Support Bureau, becoming the Chief of Detectives. NOPD is collecting input from citizens regarding updates to district Community Policing Plans. Evangelist was charged with false imprisonment while armed and second-degree battery, Schilling was also charged with second-degree battery, and Smith was charged with simple battery. "[36] But these fears turned out to be largely exaggerated and hampered rescue efforts. Community Policing Plans are district-specific collaborative partnerships with the community to address the unique needs of the community. [17] On August 5, 2011, a New Orleans Federal Court jury convicted five police officers of a myriad of charges related to the cover-up and deprivation of civil rights. Serpas originally asked the commission to approve 16 "Colonel's" positions. Insignia for this rank involved Captain bars modified with a wreath around it. [26], In February 2014, Officers Quincy Jones and Rafael Dobard pleaded guilty to charges relating to faking time sheets and embezzling money from the department. Text COVIDNOLA to 888777 to receive alerts. Non-Emergency Calls/To File Report (504) 821-2222 Emergency Calls: 911. Commander Rannie Mushatt was promoted to Deputy Superintendent of the Investigative & Support Bureau, the position formerly held by Darryl J. Albert. A U.S. DOJ investigation led to a 2011 written report alleging unconstitutional conduct by the NOPD and describing concerns re NOPD policies and procedures. These were alternating French, Spanish and French under differing governmental rule. He also appoints Pierre Achille Rivery Commissioner General of Police, with 25 agents at his head. New Orleans, LA 70119, Hours of Operation [37] These officers were given the opportunity to explain their actions before the deputy chief in a tribunal-like hearing, after which 85% of the officers who deserted were terminated. Although there were some instances of violent armed robbery of nonessential valuable goods, most incidents were of residents simply gathering food, water and other essential commodities from unstaffed grocery stores. NOPD has introduced a new way to communicate to the community. Of mixed race, they had become established as a distinct class in the society, between the ethnic European residents and the mass of mostly African slaves in the region. Groves had filed a police brutality complaint against Davis with Internal Affairs the previous day, and a fellow officer tipped Davis about the charge. Also in accordance with the above changes, two of Serpas's deputy chiefs swapped responsibilities, while two others were replaced by civilian personnel, bringing the net count of deputy chiefs from six to four.[10]. "[2] In the early 1800s, the council authorized the hiring of free people of color, who were to be commanded by white officers. Superintendent Serpas reduced the number of deputy superintendents from six to four, and decided that only two of those positions would be held by commissioned officers.

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