But which specific derivatives of phenol give a specific colour? 6C6H5OH+Fecl3=h3(FE(OC6H5)6)+3HClwe get a product of purple colour including hydrochloric acid. Indications of a positive test: An intense color ranging from purple to reddish brown to green is observed. share | improve this question | follow | asked Oct 31 '16 at 20:13. (ii) Aqueous solution of phenol gives a white precipitate of 2, 4, 6-tribromophenol with bromine water. All chemical test of alcohol and phenols Tests of phenol (i) Aqueous solution of phenol gives a violet colouration with a drop of ferric chloride. Filter the solution and use the clear filtrate for the test. Alcohols do not form colored complexes with iron ion. neutral F e C l 3 B. hot alkaline K M n O 4 C. cold alkaline K M n O 4 D. N a in ammonia. Ferric chloride solution: Neutral solution of ferric chloride is prepared by adding diluted solution of sodium hydroxide to ferric chloride solution drop by drop until a small but permanent brown precipitate appears. phenols. What happens when phenol is treated with neutral fecl3? Shows positive test for: phenols Reactions: phenols complex with the iron ion How to perform the test: About 20 drops of 5% FeCl 3 solution (a yellow solution) are added to a tube containing 3 drops of the substance to be tested and the tube is stirred. The color varies from purple to orange depending on the structure of the phenol tested. If you add a crystal of phenol to iron(III) chloride solution, you get an intense violet-purple solution formed. Phenol gives FeCl3 Test C6H5OH + FeCl3 ( (C6H5O)3Fe + 3 HCl (neutral) (violet color) 6. phenol solution should be diluted else reactions couldn’t be performed well and we will consider as absence of phenol compound. Or is it random? The reaction with iron(III) chloride solution can be used as a test for phenol. Answer. Iron(III) ions form strongly coloured complexes with several organic compounds including phenol. (iii) Phenol gives Liebermann’s nitroso reaction.Phenol in conc. Akhil Lasrado Akhil Lasrado. I have read about the neutral FeCl3 test for Phenols, where a positive test is indicated by the colour of the solution which ranges from green to blue to violet. Gatterman reaction This involves treatment of phenol with mixture hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen chloride OH HCN. Phenols react with FeCl3 to form a colored complex with the Fe3+ ion. Color development upon reaction of ferric ion with the toxin JSTX, a glutamate receptor blocker present in the venom gland of the spider Nephila clavata (Joro spider). The colour of the complexes vary from compound to compound.

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