At other times, a child may feel bitter about the non-custodial parent's significant other. How Do I Modify a Visitation or Parenting Time Order? While their desire not to see the other parent may be totally out of your control, the consequences of your child refusing to attend visitations could impact your whole family. Then, you can explain why it’s important that they have contact and visit with both of their parents. Now your ex is impatiently honking the horn when no children have appeared. 'After a few hours of staying at mine, my son says he wants to go home and doesn’t want to stay overnight. Your child refusing to visit or stay with their other parent is a tough position for parents to be in, and how you handle it as a family can speak volumes to how the situation is resolved. Before your child leaves to visit or stay for an extended time with your co-parent, make sure they have everything they need packed and ready to go. As kids get older, they sometimes resent how visitation seems to interrupt their plans. Books, games, toys or their ipad may stay at home, and now all they have to do is hang out with mom or dad (which can be boring for a kid! consider talking to an attorney for legal advice. She feels being neglected. Under the law, each parent must follow a custody order exactly. Let your child express their feelings to you without judgment. There is no easy answer to this situation. An older child, particularly teenagers, present a whole different set of considerations. While it’s true that you should encourage visitation when your child doesn’t want to see their other parent, it’s important to handle the conversation respectfully. Keep in mind that you are the one calling the shots, not your child. This would call for a "show cause hearing" with the court in which the custodial parent would be asked to explain or show cause as to why they are not complying with the visitation agreement. He thinks I made all this up. Environmental matters play a huge role on everything from the color of our skin to our baby’s height and weight, so it’s never a given that the way a person looks like as an adult will be reflected by how a … Don't compound the issue, creating even more stress for your children, by preventing your child's father from exercising his visitation rights. Keep the channels there incase he changes his mind in the future though. Family law courts want to see co-parents working together to encourage their child to spend time with each parent. Then, you don’t have to “force” your child to do something they don’t want to do because they could become more interested in the visit. A child doesn’t typically have a lot of control in their life, and sometimes forced visitation could just feel frustrating because they don’t have a say in where they go and when. The parents should stay in contact and work together to achieve that goal. The hard truth is that a teenager most likely would rather be with his friends than mom or dad. Older children may become withdrawn, show disinterest or just be blunt and say, 'I don’t want to go'. What should I do if I am dissatisfied with my lawyer in my custody case? '. What is a parent to do when a child is refusing to participate in your custody agreement? Mom, Dad, Steve and Amy: How much visitation can little Johnny take? Children, especially young children, often get their cues from the adults around them. And while the “best interest” standard varies from one state to the next, some factors are common in the best interest analysis, including: If you have any concerns about your visitation agreement, your child’s refusal to see their other parent, or want to make any type of adjustment to your custody order, be sure to consult an attorney with experience in family cases. If the reason does not directly impact their safety or well-being, your child should attend visitations. Take the first step now and contact a local child custody attorney to discuss your specific legal situation. Supporting the visitation schedule is an important way to encourage them to build and maintain that bond. The reasons as to why your child is refusing visitation with your co-parent are unique to your situation, but some causes might include: If your child is refusing visitation with your co-parent due to a reason that directly concerns their safety, bring this to the attention of your attorney or other legal professionals immediately. I've told the dad about this already, but he doesn't believe me. See for yourself how the OFW toolset can transform your co-parenting. Have a conversation where you listen to their reasons and validate what they’re feeling.

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