They are not providing clear and orthodox renditions. Also, everything in an icon has a meaning, even the colors. This has apparently been known for quite some time, and it's probably old news to the Orthodox folks here, but it has recently come to my intention that this company is part of a pseudo-Orthodox/pseudo-Pagan cult. Anthony) was the Roman who led him to his martyrdom. They then constituted themselves as the “Holy Protection Old Catholic Benedictine The second thing we learned is that one does not “paint” an icon. The following additional information was found on the My friend used to work in a Catholic bookstore which sells some icons, and he said once an Orthodox monk or brother came in the store and when he saw the icons they were selling, told them they were “cursed.” I guess this is what he was referring to. The group left Oklahoma under difficult circumstances in regard to legal problems to have anything to do with them, Abbot George announced during one of his sermons the connection between that and the ashram, for understandable business reasons. Inspiring Stories and Reflections from our Customers Over the past few weeks we've received over a hundred entries in our What Icons Mean to Me Contest - inspiring and personal reflections and stories about the important place of icons in the lives of the faithful. Critiques, An excerpt from the above book can be read here:, There is a conversation with the Abbot (audio) available here: You do not choose an ikon, an ikon CHOOSES YOU! After a while [/LEFT], [LEFT]The miners of Jacob’s Creek refused to work on the Feast of St. Nicholas, December 19, 1907 (on the Old Calendar). I walked in on them one day and found them doing a curious service modeled after The Monastery Icon ones don’t have body proprotions of children, unlike the ones you posted Patchunky. As we share some of these with you over the coming weeks, we hope you find these as uplifting and enlightening as we have. Do you have proof of this Catholic claim or is it just another Eastern Orthodox bashing Catholics? magical evocation and demonolatry. or two later when I was assigned to Oklahoma City by the Antiochian Archdiocese. in about 1980, and wondering just what kind of “order” or “religion” they were. Depected here is St. Nicholas at his death. Reception of Converts, Neo-Papal the volunteer Fire Department in the little town of Forest Park, Oklahoma, and also I don’t know too much more about icons, and so I bow to the wisdom of our Eastern brothers and sisters who are much more fluent in the language of icons than I am. A true iconographer prays and fasts for a set period of time before embarking on the praying of an icon. Controversy, Baptism and the under Diocletian, and I (Fr. They even succeeded in having Indian and Egyptian Coptic Christian clergy (see bottom of page, a post dated 4/9/04).”, Veneration of Saints shows (P.M. Magazine and Real People) in the late 70’s/early 80’s as constituting I believe it would be better to say ‘you do not choose the icon, God chooses what icon you pray.’. I received into Orthodoxy several lay persons Some of the icons by Monastery Icons have oddities. Another person sent me the following information about the alleged connection with they became “Holy Protection Orthodox Monastery.” They dressed as Orthodox monks So I guess this one doesn’t count as an ikon 'cause the tree doesn’t look like a palm either…, Guess this one doesn’t count either because of the “dwarves”…, [LEFT]Oh, BTW, they aren’t “dwarves”, this is the way children are depitcted in traditional iconographery:tsktsk: [/LEFT]. Monastery of the Primitive Observance.” The Swami got himself consecrated a bishop exclusive remnant of a spurious so-called “Western Orthodox Church” descended from, Services, Theological and and practiced. One of their former monks who had left the group and took a job in Oklahoma City already blessed, having been offered to the idol.” These former members of their [FONT=Arial]GemmaRose wrote: “The* second thing we learned is that one does not “paint” an icon. Abbot George is widely held to be one of the leading authorities Terms, Ecumenical Documents and concerning the estate of a novice (son of a powerful state politician) who died Monastery Icons may have no physical presence in Ohio at all. George refused to bless the food served in the Krishna restaurant because “it was And how does one tell if one has a Monastery icon? The miners were painted into the ikon as was their church so this is a case of things being added to an ikon by the ikonographer. ‘Mindset’ of the Fathers, The Orthodox Way of I bought a Pantocrator icon yesterday and it looks pretty similar to theirs… :S. The following comments concern a business called Monastery Icons This company offers “icons” and other religious content that has a veneer of Orthodoxy, but which in fact is associated with Hinduism. [/LEFT]. is extensive and deep and his presentation is inspiring.”. in the state, once carried a color picture on the front page of one of it’s secondary way, why they chose Nebraska is a mystery: Abbot Bishop George announced, following Catholic Answers forum. Dead, Memorial and Funeral Oh, I forgot to mention that Christ is riding side-saddle. I remember that the first thing he taught us was that if you’re going to purchase an icon, you don’t purchase it because the color matches your decor.

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