Assistant Professor of Physics. The MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics and MIT Lincoln Laboratory are teaming up to bridge quantum science and quantum technology for real-world applications. Both MIT laboratories have state-of-the-art facilities to support quantum technology development. "Taken together, our three groups have a lot of expertise in diamond quantum technologies, from algorithms to fabrication and growth to systems engineering. Photo: Glen Cooper. Such technologies could transform cyber security, drug discovery, machine learning, communications systems, magnetometry, navigation, and more. "For a long time, quantum devices were just laboratory curiosities, demonstrations to see if these devices could actually work. The center will unite the expertise, infrastructure, and resources of Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT campus to accelerate the development of quantum science and its application to quantum technologies. “By bringing industry to the table and harnessing its unique strengths, CQE will bolster its effectiveness at generating the most innovative R&D in the field.”. Group Highlights and News Jeremy Sage is the first Lincoln Laboratory staff member to be appointed an RLE principal investigator within the center. 10-30-2020 | The Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) Kick-off Symposium, 10-30-2020 | Doc Bedard Fellowship announced with Kyle Debry and Sujit Rao 2020-2023 fellows and Chris McNally 2019-2022 fellow, 10-8-2020 | “Generating spatially entangled itinerant photons with waveguide quantum electrodynamics,” published in Science Advances, 9-23-2020 | “Comparison of dielectric loss in titanium nitride and aluminum superconducting resonators” published in Applied Physics Letters, 9-3-2020 | “Two-qubit spectroscopy of spatiotemporally correlated quantum noise in superconducting qubits” published in the inaugural issue of PRX Quantum, Copyright © 2019-2020 MIT Center for Quantum Engineering – all rights reserved – Accessibility, Controlling quantum systems with coherent electronics and optics, Copyright © 2019-2020 MIT Center for Quantum Engineering – all rights reserved –. "To be successful, we need a deep and tightly integrated understanding of both the physics of these quantum systems and the functionality of the hardware we are developing to control them. You can learn more about us by exploring this website or by visiting us at MIT. CQE Headquarters Building 36-413 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 USA. The CQE is also participating in the development of online classes through the MIT Office of Digital Learning. The MIT Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) promotes the development of new undergraduate and graduate curricula that bridge traditional academic disciplines in order to train a new generation of quantum scientists and quantum engineers. 617-253-2519. "When we began investing in quantum computing in early 2018, this area of Tough Tech was relatively nascent. "Pioneering the field of quantum engineering will require well-controlled experiments that investigate a range of designs for the control, readout, and connectivity of qubits," said Eric Dauler, the leader of the Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group. Dirk Englund, leader of the Quantum Photonics Laboratory at MIT, said that the center is a fantastic opportunity to build on his group’s collaborative research on quantum sensors and networks with Lincoln Laboratory and with the Quantum Engineering Group at MIT, led by Paola Cappellaro. Hanscom Air Force Base has declared Force Protection Condition Bravo. The CQE will also establish the Quantum Engineering Industrial Consortium, which will provide industry partners with early access to advanced research and will host recruiting events that bring together students and quantum researchers with blue-chip companies, start-ups, venture capital firms, and U.S. government agencies. MIT will design undergraduate, graduate, and professional development curricula through the center to educate and promote a quantum workforce. 10/8/2020 – Bharath’s manuscript, “Generating spatially entangled itinerant photons with waveguide quantum electrodynamics,” published in Science Advances But in less than one year, we’ve seen rapid developments in the domain," said Reed Sturtevant, a general partner on the investment team at The Engine. Our group studies quantum dynamics and control in spin systems, with applications to quantum information and precision measurement. Recently, systems for quantum-based communications have reached the testing phase — including a 42-kilometer-long fiber-optic quantum communications link testbed now in operation between Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT campus. The National Security Agency’s Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) — a founding partner of the CQE — intends to support graduate research fellowships, sponsored research, and educational curriculum development, pending availability of funds. "As Boston-area investors, we are encouraged by the CQE initiatives, and The Engine looks forward to supporting more and more commercial applications of quantum technologies.". Semiconductor electronics, lasers, and atomic clocks all rest on scientists' understanding of the quantum nature of light and matter. Lincoln Laboratory, A trailblazer in military satellite communications, Air, Missile, and Maritime Defense Technology, Kylie Foy | Communications & Community Outreach Office, Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems Group, Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems. 10/30/2020 – The Center for Quantum Engineering (CQE) Kick-off Symposium. "Our goal is to create a quantum ecosystem at MIT and throughout the greater Boston area," Oliver added. Mark Gouker, the assistant head of Lincoln Laboratory's Advanced Technology Division, which oversees the quantum group, said that he is "tremendously excited" about the center. From left to right, Eric Dauler, head of Lincoln Laboratory’s quantum research group, William Oliver, RLE associate director and Lincoln Laboratory fellow, and Marc Baldo, RLE director, are launching the Center for Quantum Engineering. a new discipline bridging quantum science and engineering to accelerate the development of quantum technologies. A portion of these funds will support new graduate researchers and research activities under the CQE umbrella.

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