These stocky little birds dive for zooplankton and fish using their wings to “fly” underwater. Marbled Murrelet Nesting Habitat Conservation Plan for the Nimpkish Valley, North Central Vancouver Island. A seabird that’s also a forest bird, the Marbled Murrelet fishes along the foggy Pacific Coast, then flies inland to nest in mossy old-growth trees. This protects the birds, their nests and eggs from wilful damage throughout Canada and the United States. Nest sites and eggs of Kittlitz's and marbled murrelets. The British Columbia Wildlife Act,and various state laws, give similar protection. The Canadian population, confined The Marbled Murrelet is de-fined as a “Migratory Non-game Bird” under the federal Migra-tory Birds Convention Act. Deal, J.A., and W.L. In March and April, Marbled Murrelet pairs appear in breeding areas, and most eggs are laid between April and July. To nest, they fly up to 70 kilometres inland and lay one egg on a large moss-covered branch high up in a coastal temperate rainforest tree. 2004. Due to loss of old-growth forests, many of the remaining California-dwelling murrelets nest in protected state parks, areas with an abundance of campgrounds. The real victim of this phenomenon is the Marbled Murrelet, a federally threatened seabird whose eggs are a food source for Steller's Jays.The Marbled Murrelet nests in old-growth forest in California, Oregon, and Washington. Nesting Chronology Of The Marbled Murrelet Thomas E. Hamer1 S. Kim Nelson2 Abstract: We compiled 86 breeding records of eggs, downy young, and fledgling Marbled Murrelets (Brachyramphus marmoratus) for which the fledging date could be estimated. The parents trade each day for egg tending duty, then they bring fish from the ocean for the newly hatched chick. Murrelets can live as long as 25 years. Family–Alcidae; related to puffins, murres, auks Size–10 inches Habitat–surfline to 2 miles out Plumage–dark grey above/white below (winter); brown mottled (summer) Nest–on old-growth conifer limbs 2-30 miles inland; March to September; produce one egg; incubate one month, one month to fledge Food–herring, smelt, anchovies AGENDA ITEM B Attachment 17 Page 17 of 46 Mottled in milk-chocolate brown during the summer, adults change into stark black and white for winter. Marbled Murrelet Facts. Marbled Murrelets appear to establish long-term pair bonds, which are initiated at sea in the early spring, and seem to be maintained throughout the year. Marbled Murrelet Surveys Standard Survey Methods Survey methods look for general use—not nests Surveys conducted at dawn—when birds most active Look/listen for murrelets @ survey stations Although murrelets can be loud and obvious, they also often fly into a stand silently. Harper. Condor 85:265-273.

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