The structure of it was very comprehensive and easy to follow. This course introduces you to the world of modern finance, especially to the financial operations of business. This course is definitely built in a very professional way. ON COMPLETION OF THIS COURSE, YOU’LL WALK AWAY WITH: 1. Respond to the questions posed in the Mini Case at the end of chapter 1 of the textbook by drafting an e-mail to Michelle DellaTorre in which you respond to the questions. The viewpoint is that of readers of financial and managerial reports rather than the accountants who prepare them. Duration: 6 weeks (excluding orientation). The Online Campus will be your virtual classroom for the duration of your course. Location: Global. If you’re just getting started, you can take entry-level courses on the fundamentals of accounting, banking, microeconomics, corporate finance, financial planning, and more. Learn more about the educational programmes that the London School of Economics and Political Science offers that may be of interest to me.*. By taking this managerial finance course, you’ll understand and be able to apply the fundamental concepts of finance, leverage, corporate analysis, … This course studies basic concepts of financial and managerial reporting. DQ 1. Application code OCC-MFE. If you are looking for your Online Campus login, please see the list of university partner login pages here. Through a data-driven approach, we analyze future skills requirements and ensure all courses address this need. An understanding of financial reports, enabling you to analyse the financial health of an organisation and budget for future success. Lecture notes; Assignments: problem sets with solutions; Exams and solutions; Course Description. Fill in your details below to receive a course brochure for LSE Managerial Finance online certificate course. Of our past students, 37 percent have received financial assistance from their employers. This Specialization covers the fundamentals of strategic financial management, including financial accounting, investments, and corporate finance. Starting 2020. You can pay your course fees before the course starts, or you may opt for a split payment plan on courses that are nine weeks and shorter. Increase your managerial impact with stronger financial insight, and make more informed contributions to organisational discussions and decisions. If you are a Learning & Development (L&D) manager, or involved in training and upskilling for an organization, you can request information regarding our corporate offering on our GetSmarter for business page. Grow your financial knowledge and earn an official certificate of competence from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Course start (Orientation opens): 27 January 2021, Duration: 6 weeks (excluding orientation), Convenor: Professor Dirk Jenter - Associate Professor of Finance. Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you upon successful completion of the course, as per the stipulated requirements. On the Online Campus, you'll also be able to ask questions and interact with your fellow students and teaching team through the discussion forums. Note: should you wish to claim CPD activity, the onus is upon you. To qualify for a deferral of your course start date, or to cancel your enrollment and receive a refund of your course fee, your request would need to reach our Success Advisers before the release of Module 2. To effectively drive organisational success, business leaders and managers across functions require a firm grasp of finance. All reading materials for this course will be made accessible to you through the Online Campus. FIN 650 Full Course. At the beginning of each module you'll be presented with the course content and assignments necessary for completion. Learn from proven professionals who have trained more than 210,000 students on Udemy.The instructors of the course have acquired their experience while working for companies like Pwc, Coca-Cola Enterprises, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley. This interactive, supportive teaching model is designed for busy professionals and results in unprecedented certification rates for online courses. Make more informed managerial and investment decisions, Develop a deeper understanding of financial reports and the ability to make more informed and powerful contributions to organisational discussions, Critically evaluate investment projects and opportunities, Speak the international language of business: finance. Email me about the educational programmes that GetSmarter, its parent company, 2U, Inc., and the 2U family of companies offer with multiple universities that may be of interest to me. Financial understanding and skills are vital tools for managers and business leaders at all levels of an organisation. Course Project FI6315 Managerial Finance For the course project, select a company with common stock traded on a public stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, London (LSE), etc.). Post your e-mail as a reply to this discussion thread. The percentage of finance teams that are currently experiencing or planning transformation.Gartner (2019). I would highly recommend this course to professionals and decision makers. This online certificate course equips you with a practical grounding in modern finance. Managerial Finance. Submit your company selection with the stock exchange listing in the project discussion board for me to approve. The course has an estimated 60 hours of learning. This online certificate course focuses on providing vital finance knowledge and skills to non-financial managers, and is geared towards anyone in a managerial or leadership position – as well as those aspiring towards one. Negotiation. Modules are released on a weekly basis, and can be completed in your own time and at your own pace. Students are supported at every stage of the learning journey, enabling them to thrive professionally through increased relevance, competence, and confidence. You will also be introduced to short-term financing and working capital management. Copyright © 2019 GetSmarter | A 2U, Inc. brand. LSE is a private company limited by guarantee, registration number 70527. In order to be issued with a certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the course handbook. … The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and GetSmarter accept no responsibility, and cannot be held responsible, for the claiming or validation of hours or points. CORPFIN 7101 - Managerial Finance North Terrace Campus - Trimester 1 - 2020. They allow you to make better decisions: to analyse and optimise the financial health of an organisation, allocate resources effectively, identify investment and business opportunities, and understand the impact decisions will have on your bottom line. Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. The design of this online certificate course is guided by LSE faculty, as well as industry experts, who will share their experience and in-depth knowledge with you throughout the course.

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