Sorted mail was 10 minutes late to the mail trucks, according to Adams, and was left because of new Postal Service protocols to not hold trucks for late mail. The president of … For many, they worry whether this will significantly hamper the USPS' ability to deliver mail on time for months and years to come. Keith Combs, an American Postal Workers Union local president for the Detroit district, said that not only does the machine removal slow down the operation, but it also makes it a lot more difficult to keep the mail-sorting operation going There's a smaller pool of secondary machines available if another machine breaks down. Trump said Thursday that he opposes additional funding for the Postal Service because he doesn't want to see it used for mail-in voting this November, though he later said at a news conference that he would not veto a bill that included the funding. Outside of a mail sorting facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a mail sorting machine has been sitting outside after its dismantling. There's a noticeable mark on the floor where the DBCS machine used to sit, near the remaining containers still in the facility. Reports mounted of mailboxes being removed, high-speed mail sorting machines being taken out of service, and postal workers being asked to work reduced hours. Of particular concern was the removal of hundreds of mail sorting machines. But the Postal Service's own document calls the move a "reduction" of equipment. As the Postal Service began to dismantle its own process for speedy mail delivery, it sent a letter to 46 states warning that voters could be disenfranchised because their mail-in … A letter sent Wednesday from the National Postal Mail Handlers Union to the Postal Service headquarters asked, "Why are these machines being removed?" The long rows of containers are where sorted mail, organized by carrier route and the order in which carriers go house to house, ends up. The Postal Service told CNN in a statement on August 13. Thursday, Cheney told CNN that USPS management told him that the machines would be put back into service. Postal Service removed mail collection boxes in at least four states and is eliminating automatic letter-sorting machines that speed delivery ahead of an expected surge of mail-in ballots in the Nov. 3 elections. Although most of the machine is set to be scrapped, according to APWU Portland Local President Joe Cogan, some of the container trays seen here were supposed to be added onto the remaining DBCS machines at the facility. WGBH, "At Least A Dozen Mail Sorting Machines Have Already Been Removed In Massachusetts, Postal Union Officials Say," Aug. 17, 2020 Read About Our Process The Principles of … The USPS is removing four types of machines, citing declining mail volume. This is what a DBCS machine functioning in the USPS system is supposed to look like. Multiple outlets report that the USPS is removing more than 600 mail sorting machines nationwide, which postal workers say may further slow down the mail… The United States Postal Service is deactivating mail-sorting machines at processing centers across the US. "A lot of the machines they are taking out ... a lot of them haven't been used in a while anyways," he said. Amid the pandemic, a record number of voters are expected to cast their ballots by mail this fall. The USPS is removing four types of machines, citing declining mail volume. A Postal Service spokesperson did not specifically respond to a question about that allegation but repeated the agency's commitment to fulfill its role in the election process. © Morry Gash/AP A mailbox stands in Fox Point, Wis., on Aug. 18, 2020. Of particular concern was the removal of hundreds of mail sorting machines. But he said it may be too early to tell if the Postal Service is taking out too many and that he has heard that plans to remove a few dozen of the machines are on hold. The photos, obtained by CNN from a source at USPS' Tacoma, Washington, Processing and Delivery Facility, shows one of the DBCS machines being dismantled, which took roughly two weeks. Photos obtained by CNN from a USPS mail sorting facility in the Midwest show one of the massive DBCS machines sitting outside. Postal Service (USPS) offices amid a slew of operational changes implemented by new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, according to the head … CNN is not revealing this facility's location, or the source, because USPS workers are not allowed to take video or photos inside facilities. "Every piece of mail must go.". Postal workers in various locations said machines have been dismantled and that it wasn't immediately clear what the agency was doing with the parts. The removals are also occurring as President Donald Trump has relentlessly attacked voting by mail, falsely claiming that the practice leads to mass fraud. The USPS is removing four types of machines, citing declining mail volume. The space seen in the photo below gives an idea of just how much space these machines take up at a facility, and how much empty space is left when they're removed. Maybe they are not," he said. Postal Service indicating 671 sorting machines are being pulled from post offices nationwide - … Six delivery bar code sorter machines sit dismantled in a USPS facility in Portland, Oregon in mid-August 2020. Several Members of Congress are concerned after seeing an internal Memo from the U.S. Cheney says two DBCS machines that had been dismantled weren't able to be reassembled but parts from those machines have been added onto other machines, increasing their processing and sorting capabilities. The letter also asked if it's true that all equipment planned for removal has not been used since early May. The most important machine being removed is the Delivery Bar Code Sorter machines (DBCS). The reduction in machines appears to have been planned for months, but the internal documents obtained by CNN showed it all started on June 13. Mail sorting equipment is being removed from U.S. and "What is the anticipated staffing impacts in the facilities that are losing equipment?" They process most of the envelope mail, which includes election ballots heading to voters. Combs has received reports from his union members that they're being told to not worry about delayed mail and to "let the mail wait to another day.". (CNN)Photos obtained by CNN are beginning to show where some of the 671 mail sorting machines the United States Postal Service has planned to remove have ended up. "The service will not return or restart any machines they have begun to dismantle," Cogan told CNN, after he spoke with USPS management officials in his district. Bentley said that even though total mail volume is currently down, he didn't understand why the machines were being removed rather than simply turned off and kept in place in case they are needed in the fall, when the Postal Service expects volume to increase with mail-in ballots, campaign materials and other mail. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said in an interview on Sunday that US Postal Service mail-sorting machines will not be taken offline between now and Election Day — … While Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a Trump loyalist, began his job in June, Hogrogian said he understands that plans to reduce equipment were in place before DeJoy started. American Postal Workers Union Southwest Florida Local President Sam Wood said that the machine is one of five machines the facility has lost during the equipment removal plan. The most important machine being removed is the Delivery Bar Code Sorter machines (DBCS). Mail sorting equipment is being removed from U.S. By Curt Devine, Bob Ortega and Paul P. Murphy, CNN. These machines are … Combs said four machines have been removed in his area, and the remaining machines need to be reprogrammed to run more routes, which also increases the time it takes to process and sort the mail.

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