FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. This online directory has a huge number of tutors, more than twice the number available for Arabic on italki. This app specializes in teaching you the Arabic alphabet. It won’t be of much use to the serious learner, though, as it’s only focused on teaching set phrases. This app is fairly popular and mostly free, but it doesn’t offer a whole lot. Considering that the number of downloads for this app exceeds one million, and the average user’s rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars, it’s extremely likely this app will prove helpful for you, no matter where you are in your learning progress. This app is especially exciting for all of the free content it offers. Similar to pronunciation, writing is a skill in which computers just aren’t that good at providing quality feedback. Best Online Polish Courses: We Tested 19 Of Them! There are no teachers who will bombard you with successive lessons, exercises and homework when you’re not ready to move on just yet, so you can be certain you understand each lesson fully before progressing. We’ve only got the best and brightest lined up here, so you don’t have to fret over what to download. The Arabic Language course is made up of over 100 lessons and includes audio clips, short videos, and review quizzes. Beelinguapp also has a “karaoke” function, where the text is highlighted as it’s read aloud, providing reading and listening practice at the same time. 300 words and phrases are available for free, more material requires payment. The app becomes nearly useless if the content is objectionable and the features are distracting, or if there are no real learning features to speak of, so take this into account. For a fun, free way to practice basic skills, Duolingo is great. To help you use the other apps below, you should start with this one. Here in this post, we’ll look at some of the best Arabic learning apps to help you sharpen your Arabic skills at any level. According to a Fiksu study, the average cost per app in May 2015 was $1.89, which means that most paid apps are significantly more affordable compared to language courses, which can cost up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Review. It’s not an app specifically built for language learners, but it’s a great way to increase your exposure to the language in a way that interests you. Each lesson is represented as a flashcard that contains the letter, the transliteration, how to pronounce the letter and how to write it in several placements in a sentence. The apps in this category are those that take the most comprehensive approaches in teaching Arabic. Much of the content on LingQ is from other sources, and you can upload your own content to practice with. You’ll be able to listen to Arabic music, listen to sportscasts in Arabic, the news, and plenty more. Instead, we’ve pulled from the great many we’ve tested ourselves, plus some that are commonly recommended, and grouped them into categories based on what they do best. Learn Arabic – Language Guide. Levels: Beginner, intermediate, advanced, fluent. uTalk is very easy to use and a convenient way to get some extra Arabic practice in. This is an app that the advanced learner may find particularly helpful. Review. A lot of these apps are quality resources and can seriously aid your progress, but note that an app alone isn’t enough to reach fluency in a language. Learn More, Apps For Practicing Reading And Listening, The 15 Best Podcasts For Learning Korean In 2020. Another online tutor directory, Verbling has stricter requirements for its teachers, which means slightly higher prices and less variety, but it’s definitely still a viable option. You won’t learn the entire language on HiNative, but it’s a great tool for the odd question. They can make especially useful options for the beginner Arabic learner, providing a well-structured introduction to the foundations of the language. Overall, this app offers some good practice for free, especially if you like the aesthetic. Experience language immersion online! Review. Whatever your level in the language and whichever dialect you’re interested in learning, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding some good apps to help you with Arabic. Please check your email for further instructions. Best Apps For Learning Japanese – We Tested Dozens Of Them, The 18 Best Podcasts For Learning French (2020), 10 Best Podcasts For Learning Swedish In 2020, Best Apps for Learning German – We Tested Over 35 Of Them, The Best Apps To Learn Spanish – We’ve Tested 40+ Of Them, The 29 Best Podcasts For Studying Spanish Regardless Of Your Level, Best Podcasts To Learn Portuguese In 2020 (Brazilian and European), The Best Language Learning Apps – We’ve Tested 40+ Options, Dutch Courses: 20 Best (and Worst) Online Classes, The 30 Best (And Worst) Online Italian Courses In 2020. The number of language learning apps out there is mind-boggling. You also can mark new and commonly used sentences for easy access. This time, we’ll take a look at the best apps to help you with your language learning journey. It’s designed like an 80s arcade game and uses points and levels to keep it from ever feeling like a stale classroom activity. The problem is only that there are too many apps—and too few that teach the right type of Arabic in the right ways. This app is a free, bidirectional translation app that can be used every step of the way in your whole learning journey. The idea behind them is that you’ll find someone to teach you their language in exchange for teaching them yours. Levels: A1, A2 (Common European Framework scale). It’s a viable option for absolute beginners looking to get acquainted with Arabic. While the exercises are engaging and varied enough to keep practice interesting and effective, you won’t get very good instruction on the Arabic alphabet. The format of the lessons on Busuu is really nice and makes for a good user experience, but the Arabic course lacks depth. It allows users to post pieces of writing on any subject that interests them with the goal of getting feedback from another user that’s proficient in the language. Likewise, don’t choose an app that’s too far below your level. They each also offer additional language instruction for a subscription, but we think their real value comes from their language exchange potential. He also works on improving the presence of his native language, Tamazight (Berber), on the Internet. The app covers a range of levels, from beginner to advanced, but really shines at the intermediate level. Instead of carrying heavy textbooks and dictionaries with you everywhere, you can use two or three apps instead. There isn’t much possibility to build fluency here.

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