(Singapore Only), Choose the Pick-up option during checkout. The longer kombucha sits in a bottle on a store shelf, the more the probiotics suffer. The process to automate your monthly kombucha delivery is simple. Bucha Belly will collect these bottles when we drop off your fresh kombucha! Since the origin, kombucha has been praised for its health benefits so heavily that is is called “the drink of immortality.” Kombucha provides all sorts of health benefits including, probiotics, disease prevention, mental acuity, blood sugar regulation, joint health, cardiovascular support, and healthy liver function. Drink the kombucha throughout the week(s) and restore your body's natural balance and energy levelss. Bucha Belly Locally Brewed Seattle Kombucha has more active probiotics than any of our competition. The only way to maximize the benefits of kombucha is to either brew it yourself or get local Seattle kombucha that never sits on a store shelf. The probiotics aid in breaking food down so that you absorb the more nutrients from the food that you are already eating. Seattle Local As a local Seattle company, we produce our Kombucha within miles of your address. You choose how often you want a delivery, from 1 per week up to 1 every 6 weeks (and anything in between). Drinking Kombucha will replenish your energy levels and lift your spirits to be your best self. We’re so excited to introduce the first kombucha second fermentation recipe subscription box! We are a local Seattle kombucha company that helps you experience all of the health benefits that truly fresh kombucha has to offer. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. This is a no-obligation subscription package in which you can modify or cancel anytime after the first 3 deliveries so don't worry about being locked in forever! Buy a subscription of Left Field Kombucha and save time and £. It’s easier than ever to enhance your gut health in a refreshing and tasty way with a subscription to Antidote’s kombucha.. Rather than sitting on shelves, Bucha Belly is on your doorstep within 48 hours of being bottled. In order for these big companies to achieve these long shelf lives of living product, they had to “reformulate.” This means they cut back significantly on all of the things that make kombucha so incredible for you. Like most things in the industrialized world, quality suffers when brewing at scale. The Bucha Belly organic tea helps you maintain a consistent energy level all day long without giving you jitters. What's more, you can enjoy savings of 10% off our regular kombucha prices, as you are helping us to better manage our brewing schedule to reduce wastage. Now, you can give the gift of endless, effortless home-brewed kombucha flavors. All of the brands of kombucha that you find in the grocery stores have 3-6 month shelf lives. Our proprietary fermentation process ensures the greatest volume of probiotics and antioxidant levels in every serving. Address: Bucha Belly disposable bottles are still delivered fresh, within days of being bottled! Leave empty bottles on your doorstep before 10 AM Sundays that you expect delivery. Our Kombucha is made from 100% organic, antioxidant-rich, Himalayan, single-sourced tea, infused with probiotics. Transform your mind, body, and soul with Kombucha. Ready to for automated kombucha monthly deliveries? Get your digestive system kicked into high gear to help your body naturally maintain a healthy weight. Fresh kombucha is something you can taste and feel! Rich in B vitamins B3, B6, B12, drinking Bucha-Belly daily helps stabilize your mood, battle depression, and enhance concentration. If you have more questions, check out our blog post for our bottle subscriptions, Delivery days are on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, Free delivery on all orders over $65! You can get delicious fruity kombucha delivered straight to your doorstep on your schedule every week. Kombucha has been around for thousands of years (221 BC during the Tsin Dynasty to be exact.) The Basics: Sign up for the flavor of the month club to get a NEW and DELICIOUS kombucha second fermentation recipe delivered to your door up to twice a month! $38 for a case of 12, with a $4 delivery fee. Using the highest-grade tea leaves available with naturally occurring caffeine combined with B-vitamins, and anti-oxidants, Bucha-Belly local Seattle kombucha is the far superior alternative to a morning cup of joe. We use only the highest quality, non-GMO, organic ingredients to ensure that you are getting the best kombucha that we can deliver. We do understand that this isn't an option for everyone, so we are now offering disposable bottles of our kombucha! Just log in to your account: Do you want to skip the hassle of going through the entire ordering process every time you want to drink our delicious brews? This allows us to provide you with the freshest Kombucha, without … Seattle Kombucha Delivery ORGANIC 100% NATURAL We provide only the very best product available. On Sunday Bucha Belly will deliver 7 bottles of local Seattle Kombucha to your doorstep in a crate. How to buy: Simply add products to your cart; In the CART page you can choose to subscribe. Custom kombucha cases of 12 delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Home delivery is the only way to go for kombucha lovers who support artisanal quality, traditionally fermented kombucha produced through a 100% Guilt-Free production philosophy. We deliver fresh kombucha to your door within 48 hours of being brewed! Our Subscription plans have helped re-use bottles 10,000 bottles! You can manage your subscription. Bucha Belly Seattle kombucha delivery keeps your system detoxified and helps beat those late night cravings. With this many health benefits, it is no surprise that kombucha has stuck around for over two thousand years. Kombucha helps your body digest the food that you eat. Choose between the Triple Flavour Pack, which gives you four bottles of each flavour, or just pick a single flavour for 12 bottles of your favourite kombucha. Bring out your the best every day with an attitude your co-workers will notice! Your discount will automatically be applied. Pick the kombucha subscription that fits your lifestyle!

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