Kielbasa is commonly sold precooked. Can Dogs Eat Funyuns? The main varieties are: Mysliwska: It is basically a dried pork sausage after smoking it deftly. Despite the protein content, there are more negative consequences linked to eating Kielbasa than positive ones. Keep your dog Happy AND Healthy with Our Hand-Trimmed All Natural Smoked Beef Bones. Kielbasa sausages adorn the storefront, hanging like meaty Christmas lights in more links than a canine can count. In case your dog has eaten kielbasa by mistake in very small quantity there is no need to worry but try to keep this sausage out of reach of your dear canine. In serious cases where your dog ate a lot of salty food, you may even need to force your dog to take in fluids via ice cubes or by diluting dry dog foods.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'joypetproducts_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_3',115,'0','0'])); Aside from the high fat and salt content, Kielbasa can pose a significant risk to your dog due to the ingredients involved. Also it contains unhealthy levels of fat for canines. In Britain, the closest term would be a Wiejska sausage. It is generally smoked, boiled or grilled. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The only possible benefit of consuming Kielbasa is that it can potentially supplement your dog’s daily protein intake. Is rice and chicken a good diet for dogs? If your pet has eaten kielbasa in small quantity try to watch its symptoms. In only 100 grams of Kielbasa, there is over 1060mg of sodium. Negative consequences that can result when a dog has eaten Kielbasa can range from simple GI upset, to pancreatitis, to sodium poisoning and red blood cell destruction. Should I be worried? Eating Alliums can cause anemia, lethargy and overall weakness as a result. In case your dog is normal for 3-4 hours after eating it then there is no need to worry. Kielbasa precooked sausages need to refrigerated. The chemicals within Alliums react with the red blood cells in dogs, causing cell walls to become thinner- and eventual cell death. What kind of bones are safe for dogs to chew or eat? Yes, a dog can eat kielbasa but it is not advised for dogs. If you have a dog, you may wonder what types of food it can eat…, Sour Patch Kids: The candy that makes your face scrunch up, eyes water, hair follicles…, Funyuns: the secret shame of every snack-loving aficionado. Garlic is sparingly used in its preparation . Its preparation is done using garlic, onion and other condiments. The effects of consuming excess sodium are significantly worse in elderly dogs and dogs with internal organ problems. Common symptoms of sodium poisoning include: In extreme cases of sodium poisoning, a dog may suffer from seizures, become unconscious and potentially be at risk of death. The one thing you have to be careful of when letting your dog eat sauerkraut is the ingredients. Kielbasa is prepared mainly from pork and beef either separately each or both used in combination also. It is one of the most revered dish in polish weddings. In serious cases of pancreatitis, painkillers, IV fluids and anti-inflammatory medication will be required. Odesskie: This variety of kielbasa is made using beef. The Sour Solution. Kielbasa (plural form- Kielbasy) is a term typically referring to any meat sausage originating from Poland. So you should not give kielbasa to your favorite furry friend as the condiments it contains may turn out to be toxic for your dog. Certain fats such as the Omega’s, which are found in fish heads, help keep your dog’s eyes and brain in good shape. If your dog consumes Kielbasa too quickly, it can also suffer from acute pancreatitis. Next time you and your dog pass the butcher’s- skip the sausages and opt for the eye fillet instead! The only possible reason as to why a dog owner may want to feed their dog any Kielbasa is that it is a somewhat decent protein source. It is a building block of organs and various microscopic structures such as hormones and enzymes. Is basmati rice better option for all breeds of dog? Sodium also maintains the electrolyte balance in the body, ensuring that cells do not become dehydrated or swell. Required fields are marked *. If you are buying canned or store-bought sauerkraut, it will contain a lot more sodium than homemade sauerkraut. Extra salt and other condiments are added in its preparation to increase the taste. Wedzona: This is polish kielbasa sausage mainly used in soups. She brings her love of every type of pet to you, with information on animal nutrition, medication, toys, beds, and everything else in between. Frightening Facts To Know! DOG OR CAT With the holiday season rapidly approaching, one of the last things a person or a family needs to do is to make an emergency visit to their veterinarian because of a sick pet. Excess sodium in your dog’s body can lead to issues such as stomach distress, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular breakdown. typical 30-pound adult dog only requires around 100 milligrams of sodium a day. OMG! Kielbasa is generally smoked and prepared using garlic, onion and salt which are toxic to dogs so you should avoid giving kielbasa to your dog. To support channel To send me a message Hi. Kielbasa provides a decent portion of protein as it contains 12.4 grams of protein per 100 grams. The more fatty foods that your dog consumes, the greater the risk of suffering from life-threatening problems.

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