Get great travel ideas useful for building trip itineraries today. Country ham has been a tradition in Kentucky since the first settlers arrived with their need for preserving meat without having refrigeration. Using an aromatic wood like hickory, a small fire would be built and the smoke would permeate the ham for weeks so that it had a wonderful caramel color and smoky aroma. Aging draws out the moisture which yields a firmer, more flavorful taste treat. Pat over fat side a mixture of ½ southern corn meal, and ½ brown sugar. Olde Delaney's Country Ham Store is five stars plus! When people tasted his ham, the word spread that he had a ham to delight the country ham connoisseur. As spring approached, settlers that wanted to smoke their hams would wash them then hang the hams uncovered in a smokehouse. Salt-cured for several months and then aged for up to two years, this Kentucky specialty takes a lot of patience before it can hit your plate. There’s fine-dine country ham, hole-in-the-wall ham joints, and in true Kentucky fashion, ham that’s cured inside bourbon rickhouses. The traditional country ham would not be eaten until it was a year old. Among the finest dry-cured hams the world has to offer, Newsom's authentic aged Kentucky Country Ham is a gourmet and country delicacy. While you’re there, pick up some of their house-made jams and syrups to slather on a ham biscuit or drizzle over your country breakfast. Whole and sliced country hams, pepper bacon, breakfast sausage and pork jowl bacon are some of the offerings at Olde Delaney’s Country Ham Store. The longer the ham is aged, the more robust the flavor. Cured using methods and recipes passed down through the Gatton family since 1840, the hams are hickory-smoked on the original family farm in Sacramento, Kentucky. Broadbent's The ideal biscuit ham--not too dry, not too moist--ready for serving. A savory Southern specialty for breakfast, lunch or dinner, country ham is one of Kentucky’s favorite foods. Choose between hams, bacons, sausages and sampler platters, available for online order only. The sausage biscuits make traveling home comfort food time. That’s what Broadbent’s Grand Champion Ham went for at auction at the Kentucky State Fair in 2018. Salting meat and also smoking meat have long been used to … ham boil 3 ½ hours.) In 1932 William Meacham began curing hams for his family and friends using the cure handed down in the Meacham family for generations. A country ham so good it’s worth $2.8 million? Traditionally, families would kill hogs in the late fall or early winter when the weather turned cold. And check out our recipe for Ham Salad and other online recipes. This process takes about 24 hours. Salting meat and also smoking meat have long been used to preserve meats. Remove from stove, take out of water and let cool. For years, this no-frills joint has served all-you-can-eat fried fish, ice-cold beer and what many locals say is the best country ham in Kentucky. (The Meacham family has been providing our hams for many years!). Unlike other hams, Browning's isn't overly salty - just rich, wholesome, and cured to perfection. After smoking, the hams would be left to hang allowing them to age, which is where the magic takes place. Father’s Country Hams has earned a rightful place in Kentucky’s culinary hall of fame, alongside famous names like Colonel Sanders and Jim Beam. Located in the heart of Horse Country, the Beaumont Inn is one of Kentucky’s most elegant, iconic and historic restaurants (it first opened its doors in 1919). The fresh ham would be hand rubbed with the cure and allowed to “rest” with the cure on it. Visit this old-school spot in Bardstown and you just might think you’ve gone to hog heaven. Chef Ouita Michel has created a new Kentucky classic in the Wallace Station Deli, which dishes up casual Southern staples with an elegant touch. One tried-and-true spot is the appropriately named Country Ham Restaurant. The Newsom family soon followed those first explorers, arriving in Virginia in 1642 from England. 638 Beaumont Inn Dr.Harrodsburg, KY 40330, 3854 Old Frankfort PikeVersailles, KY 40347. Thankfully, you can buy one of their famous hams for a whole lot less at their store in Kuttawa. Sign up for Email News & Special Offers from Beaumont Inn. It’s good in omelets, bean soup, with brie on crackers, on Grandma’s buttermilk biscuits and any other recipes your imagination can serve up. With fat side up put in 400 degree oven for approximately 45 minutes, or until brown on top. Owensboro may be known as the “BBQ Capital of the World,” but locals will always save room for some country ham. See our Product Assortment. At Father's County Hams, we pride ourselves on quality, taste, and tradition. In addition to country ham, Newsom’s sells prosciutto, country bacon and sausage, both in-store and online. While most Kentucky country hams is aged up to a year, we age our hams an additional year for added flavor in our non-climate controlled “aging house” behind the Inn (photo above, with Chuck Dedman), taking advantage of the natural, seasonal fluctuations of temperature and humidity. (Writen by Evelyn Meacham at Meacham Hams) The flavor of a country ham is unmistakable. A culinary tradition dating back to Kentucky’s pioneer days, country ham has been elevated to a fine art in the Bluegrass State. Country ham has been a tradition in Kentucky since the first settlers arrived with their need for preserving meat without having refrigeration. How to Cook a Kentucky Country Ham? If anyone could manage to hang on to a ham for longer than a year, then those hams are a true delight for the country ham lover. Not unlike a fine wine, a good country ham can’t be rushed; it needs to age slowly and naturally. Savor the flavor of our All-American Prosciutto weather-aged in the rich Kentucky climate. Country ham is dry cured, a time honored tradition where hams are packed in salt mixed with other curing ingredients, slowly cured up to forty days, sometimes smoked and always aged. We hope you will visit us soon to enjoy our two-year-old Kentucky cured country ham! Whether you like it sliced, shaved or piled on a biscuit, put on your stretchy pants and come ham it up! Father’s Country Hams, Bacon, and Sausage have been made on our family farm since 1840 — cured by a method passed down from generations of the Gatton family, and hickory smoked right here on our farm the "Old Country Way!" Like other specialty cured hams, a Kentucky ham is made in a specific way which sets it apart from other hams. Beaumont Inn: Near Danville, Frankfort and Lexington, Kentucky, check out our recipe for Ham Salad and other online recipes.

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