The man responsible for this genius idea, Michael Santoro, wanted to leave a mark on the Wrangler, to “make the thing more Jeep”. Dude it’s true I’m so stunned. For those who don’t already know, an Easter egg is an unexpected hidden feature on something, usually included as a secret bonus. JEEP WAS REALING TRYING TO GET ME. ##fyp ##jeepsoftiktok ##spider. "It's a Jeep on a hill.". Representatives for Jeep did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment. Updated: For the 2020 model year, Jeep has included numerous new and exciting Easter eggs in their models for owners to find. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Another Twitter user found an Easter egg in the headlights — a metal decal shaped like the Jeep icon. Jeep owner Cristyn Polston told Insider that she found on her car a design that looked like a carved dinosaur fossil. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Apparently, All Jeeps Have Hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ On Them And Here Are 26 Of The Best Ones, 38 Illegal Photos Smuggled Out Of North Korea That Got A Photographer Banned From The Country, 27 Of The Most Interesting Finds On Google Earth, 45 Celebrities Who Have Killed People Or Was Charged With Murder, This Tiny Apartment Is Only 258 Square Feet But Can Pack A Whole House, The ‘Food Cubby’ Is Available For People Who Hate It When Their Food Touches, 25 Vintage Photos Of Sideshow Performers That Were Truly Bizarre, Guy With No Experience Builds Outdoor Kitchen That Would Make Any Neighbor Jealous, 46 Pictures Of Yao Ming Next To Regular Humans Shows Just How Tall He Is, 8 Simple Tricks To Impress Your Friends At The Next Party, 21 Photos That Prove You Definitely Have Thalassophobia, 31 Simple DIY Projects That Will Make Your House Completely Awesome, Man Spends 40 Years Building A 10,000 Sq Ft Nuclear Bunker Made From 42 School Buses, 30 Child Actors Who Died Too Young That We Still Miss, The Government Is Looking For Anyone To Stay In This Creepy Ghost Town – For Free, 35 Rare Photos From The Past That You Won’t Find In History Books, 16 Very Powerful Photos With Even More Powerful Stories Behind Them, Man And His Wife Plant Over 2 Million Trees Over 20 Years To Save An Entire Ecosystem From Dying, Family Accidentally Texts Baby News To Complete Strangers, They Pay Them A Visit With Gifts For The Baby, 38 Of The Top Entries From The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Show The Funny Side Of Animal Life, This Real Estate Listing Seems Normal Until You Get To The Spaceship Attic, 15 Breathtaking Photos Of The Yearly 3,000 Mile Monarch Butterfly Migration, Guy Shows How He Transformed His Boring Backyard Into A Stunning DIY Deck, Photographer Explores An Eerie Abandoned Mall To Show The Sad Economic Decline, 25 Well-Known Codes And Puzzles That Have Never Been Solved, GoPro Camera Survives Fall From Airplane And Lands In Pig Pen, Pig Immediately Tries To Eat It, Looking for smart ways to get more from life? We've updated the article to include all the hidden animals and clever references that come standard with every new Jeep! It was the iconic seven-bar grille hidden in … ##jeep ##renegade ##eastereggs. since. Jeeps first ever Easter egg was on the ’97 Wrangler. One TikTok user, Jackie Foster, revealed his Jeep's "Easter egg" in a video on Tuesday, which sparked a fascination in Jeep cars' whimsical shapes. Sign up for a daily dose of our top stories. We will never spam or sell your email address because we love you. Most of these Easter eggs pay homage to the 1917 Willys, the original Jeep. Did you know about these hidden ‘Easter eggs’ on jeeps? ##jeep4x4 ##easterjeepsafari2019 ##fyp ##foryoupage, "I just thought this was a paint blotch," the user said in a voiceover, showing a painted shape hidden on the exterior of the car's front window. And the people who already knew about these amazing features are just now enlightening the rest of the world! If you don’t already own a Jeep, these hidden gems will certainly make you want to buy one. Forget dalgona coffee — pancake cereal is the hottest new food trend all over TikTok. A handful of Jeep owners have recently become enthralled with the challenge of finding tiny designs of characters, animals, and objects that are carved or painted on their cars.

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