Jtansu offers the finest selection of modern Japanese inspired furniture, including benches, getabako shoe tansu, merchant tansu and more for a touch of Asian influence in contemporary interior decor and design. Japanese furniture designs have been steadily increasing in abundance on the market. Japanese home furniture is simple and wholesome, with a natural aesthetic, muted colors, and sleek design, erring on the side of minimalism. Japanese-styled living rooms aren’t cluttered or filled with furniture too much. My Japanese Home UK & Europe. My Japanese Home America 244 Madison Avenue 10016-2817 New York City NY, USA. As Eastern cultures become more pronounced, many designers — both local and foreign, begin to bring … You can buy a traditional Japanese heater table called kokatsu, which is used for everything from having tea to studying. When combined with traditional tatami mats and shoji screens, the traditional Japanese … Japanese furniture is known for being well built, with traditional mortise & tenon joinery, and classic Asian cabinetry. 392 Strand, Covent Garden, London , UK. Place your furniture on a tatami, a traditional Japanese … My Japanese Home Oceania. Simple & beautiful, with visually appealing yet hardy & practical brass or iron hardware … Table Top … Most of furniture is usually low, modern, laconic and there are floor cushions.

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