Similar to the Red Cedar, it is highly decay resistant and strongly aromatic when freshly cut, due to its natural oils. Japanese Cedar- A newer product on the market in the US that shows promise as being a quality, lower cost alternative to Western Red Cedar. It is recognized as Japan’s national tree. Moreover, Japanese cedar is incomparably beautiful. Grown in drier, higher-elevation forests, Inland red cedar trees are small and their wood lighter, more striped, and with less clarity and color variation than coastal-grown western red cedar. It's significance extends beyond that, as its impact on Japanese culture is reflected by the fact that it is found planted at numerous scared sites throughout the country. primarily grows in British Columbia and is our preferred choice for many of the custom log home and timber frame structures. The slow growing Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a tough, solid tree and the hardest known cedar in the world, while also boasting exceptional longevity. Western Red Cedar dries readily with very little shrinkage and has excellent working qualities, machining to a smooth, satiny finish. All rights reserved. If you have any specific questions we would be happy to discuss them. Japanese red cedar, sugi (Japanese), Japanese cryptomeria Identification Size: 230 feet (70 m) Trunk diameter: 13 ft (4 m) Leaves (Needles): Spirally arranged, 0.20-0.39 in (0.5-1 cm) Seeds (Cones): Globular, 0.40-0.79 in (1-2 This wood is so easy to work that it has become prized for applications such as joinery and carpentry, decorative panelling, furniture, mouldings and cabinetwork. Although it is one of the lightest in weight of all commercially important softwood species, Western Red Cedar is very decay resistant and it can yield a larger variety of dimensional lumber. How Much Does It Cost To Transport and Export a Log Home, The Difference Between Timber Frame, Post and Beam and Full Scribe Log Homes, How to know when you’ve chosen the wrong builder, Frequently Asked Questions About Timber Frame Homes. Today we are going to look at two of the most popular types of cedar, Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar. If you are considering a custom home there are numerous decisions you have to make including what type of logs and timbers to build with? Article was last reviewed on 26th December 2019. Known for thei… Published on December 5th 2016 by Sudipto Chakrabarti under Cypress. When building a custom home, it’s very important to select the best wood species for your project in order to maximize overall durability, while minimizing cost. Please feel free to email us: What are the best logs for building my log home? Its natural oils are insect and decay resistant, and left in its natural state it remains beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. As an ornamental tree, fragrant foliage used to add incense to households, timber and wood insect and weather resistant, and used for making chests, bath tubs, staves, furniture and buildings. Required fields are marked *. Its abundance and favorable properties make it the dominant choice for building and exports, especially in Europe since it does not have to be heat treated before exporting; a. nd being twice as stable as other softwood species. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. There are various dwarf cultivars that enhance the aesthetics of the tree even further, and they are used extensively in bonsai. Western Red Cedar dries readily with very little shrinkage and has excellent working qualities, machining to a smooth, satiny finish. When referring to boards, dimensions are approximations, however a 1 x 4 Western Red Cedar board is typically closer to a true 1″ thickness, while Chinese Cedar is closer to 3/4″ thick. Given its ability to withstand the elements, if you are looking to build your log or timber frame home in an area where extreme weather dominates we would be most inclined to recommend Western Red Cedar.

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