Also, honor society for mechanical engineers ;) level 1. But what does it get you, and is it even worth joining? Im an RN going back to school to get my BSN, and I was nominated to be inducted into the Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau. Really? 15 comments. Phi Sigma Theta is a National Honor Society "dedicated to recognizing and rewarding academic achievement in undergraduates at institutions of higher learning," according to its official website. 64% Upvoted. It remained in this regional status until October of 1955, when it was incorporated as Phi Sigma Tau, a National Honor Society in Philosophy. If you get invited to those, they are definitely worth joining. Sort by . Some honoraries are jokes at one campus but legitimate organizations at others. 6 years ago. best. 3. Close. save hide report. Is it worth it, or do they just want my money? Other than cost, any reason not to join? Sigma Theta Tau International's vision is to be the global organization of choice for nursing. share. Posted by 2 years ago. Is Tau Sigma a scam? Has it helped you? level 1. I was flattered until I went to sign up, and realized that they want me to pay them $220 ($330 if I attend the induction ceremony). Archived. Anyone part of this? Hey, I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau, and I am glad I joined. Has it done anything for you? Phi Sigma Tau was founded at Muhlenberg College in 1930 as Alpha Kappa Alpha, with chapters at colleges in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Is the Tau Sigma Honor Society worth it? Call me crazy, but I'm proud to have the extra recognition and the little cord when I graduate, if you don't really care about all that then I wouldn't do it. Basically, the more selective it is, the more you'll get out of it. Transferred colleges my sophomore year, and did well my first semester at my new school. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Just wondering if anyone (I guess those who have transferred colleges) has heard of this/knows whether it’s worth … Who has joined Sigma Theta Tau international honor society of nursing? Was invited to join Tau Sigma, an honor society for transfer students. If it’s worth it, I will become a member. This thread is archived. I haven't really taken advantage of any of the other opportunities like networking and all that that membership gives you. Based on the information, here is our review: Our first observation is: that the founders chose the name from the Greek words storgé, tharsos, and timé, meaning love, courage, and honor. Some transfer honor society thingy. Is it worth it, or do they just want my money? For example, in engineering: Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honor society, Pi Tau Sigma is the mechanical engineering honor society - I joined both and they were well worth it. It depends on how active your campus chapter is.

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