3.8 out … The basis of this iRacing simulator package is the APX-3000 chassis. A midrange setup from Fanatec—like the $799.95 Xbox One Competition Pack or the $699.95 CSL Elite F1 set for PS4, Xbox, & PS4—is a good way to get some very realistic feedback. These simulator starter packages are complete and ready to use with your existing PlayStation, Xbox, or PC and your TV or monitor. From its inception, the chassis was designed to have the correct GT racing position. Minneer Racing Wheel Stand with V2 Support Game Support Stand Up Simulation Driving Bracket for Logitech G29, G27 and G25 Racing Simulator Steering Wheel Stand Without Wheel and Pedals. It is a Racing cockpit that offers a unique and best driving simulation … That's why we have Ready to Race bundles, so you can buy a Playseat® gaming chair and a steering wheel, with a discount … Sim-Seats, of Richmond, VA, has you covered with their iRacing Pro Package ($4,000).It’s got everything … We can't blame you! iRacing.com fully suppors many motion simulator platforms for a more immersive simracing experience. In a hurry to play racing games the way they are meant to be? … Ready to give iRacing a try but don’t have a clue how to assemble a decent simulator? Our sim-racing starter packages take the guesswork out of selecting the right components. Instead of the "bus driver" position common to most other simulator … Our racing simulator … This is one of the best Simulator cockpits on the market, and it will be worth the time. GTR racing Simulator takes a little bit of time to set up, but you will soon realise why. A motion chassis is not required for iRacing but can be an incredible experience for a die-hard simracer!

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