There were strong-arm tactics to try to push through the various 50/50 parenting bills in 2018. Everything was ready on time, and the court approved the papers without questions. as other parental rights and liabilities, may be decided and written up in the Parenting Agreement by the Kevin O’Flaherty is a graduate of the University of Iowa and Chicago-Kent College of Law. Parenting time can be determined by agreement between the parents or judicial decision by the court.  The best interests of the child always hold the most weight in the decision, and other factors include: the wishes of the parents and each child, how far the parents live from one another, the child’s school situation (including extracurricular activities), and the parents’ work schedule.  Decision-making is divided into two major categories: caretaking and non-significant decision-making responsibilities, and significant decision-making responsibilities. O'Flaherty Law is happy to meet with you by phone or at our office locations in: Thank you! The site was easy to use and we got our completed divorce papers really quickly. This formula is now used to calculate child support in 40 states. no need to leave your home to receive legal consultations and services - Call or click to learn more about phone and video conferencing with our attorneys. So, I was really glad I found and they took care of all the paperwork and gave me clear instructions on how to file with the court. For additional details about modifying allocation or parenting time agreements, look at our article entitled How to Change Child Custody in Illinois | Parenting Time Modification Explained. For further detail, see our article entitled Factors Courts Consider for Child Custody Issues | Illinois Child Custody Factors. Something went wrong while submitting the form :(.  The older the child, the more weight the court gives to the preference of the child when selecting a primary caretaker.  Children under the age of six must defer to the court’s decision, children between ages six and fourteen may be asked if they have a preference of primary caretaker, and teenagers fourteen and up are permitted to name his or her custodian, as long as the court finds the parent fit for the responsibility. Thanks to those who created this site. Fostering participation in extracurricular activities; Teaching of reading, writing and math skills, including helping with homework; Conferencing with teachers and attending parent-teacher conferences; Planning and participating with leisure activities with the child; and more. All things considered, every state prioritizes the best interests of the children above all else.  In a “no presumptions or favors” state like Illinois, ensuring that the children will grow up in a safe and nurturing environment is paramount.  Some of the factors considered when determining parenting time and primary care include: Illinois courts believe that a positive relationship with both parents is best for children, as long as the child is safe and provided for appropriately.  Therefore, Illinois judges look at a wide array of factors and tend to rule in favor of shared parenting time and joint decision-making privileges whenever possible.  If you and your spouse would like to create your own parenting plan, it is most likely to be approved by a judge if the best interests of the children are the centerpiece of the arrangement. To learn more about parenting plans and what they should include, check out our article entitled Parenting Plans Explained | Illinois Joint Parenting Agreements. The newest changes made to Illinois child custody law were made in 2016.  Highlights of those changes include: If you still have questions about changes to custody law, read our article entitled Recent Changes to Illinois Divorce Law.

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