The exterminator showed me the evidence and walked me through the time table of my infestation. Customers claim that Ikea’s Myrbacka Memory Foam mattress has above-average heat retention, causing it to sleep hotter as a result. Still feels hard and at the same time no support. The cover can be removed and washed in a machine, which eases the maintenance of this bed. Not sure; the result was we, the customer, had to rearrange our schedule. Definitely never come to Ikea buy mattresses or pillow top. The lady who works in return center said she cannot do anything, cannot return or exchange it for me. I went all the way back to the store to get answers and they said it wasn't delivered because the BOX SPRING COVER was out of stock! It took about 15 min to process her. We have had this for 4 months. Despite more mattress materials and a higher price point, more customers have mixed things to say. The combination of springs and latex works perfectly for me - I specifically didn't want memory foam. Others have indicated that the Ikea mattresses dont last that long, and nowhere near their 25 year warranty. Even though, the store worker picked out the wrong size bed frame for me, the customer service person said it would still cost $50 (half of the delivery fee) to get my bed frame, which is ridiculous, but I agreed. For both times, I had to call customer service, average waiting time is 40 mins, to find out that my delivery is canceled. In terms of feel, it is also on the firmer side of the scale, somewhere between a 7 and an 8. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Only when I went into the store on Saturday did they refund all amounts owed. The next model tops the list of the best IKEA memory foam mattresses. A visual would be like if you sat on the side of the bed and it doesn't return to original shape. The rep told him it will be delivered from 11am to 3pm. "Is there anyone from IKEA who can come and look at it?" Monday: I called around 11 am and spoke to a woman who said no delivery window was available but promised me that I could expect a phone call back from Dynamex in a short while at which time I would receive a 4 hour window for delivery the following day. Avoid Ikea at all cost!!! I called a few hours later again and spoke to a very rude man named Michael who interrupted me numerous times. Bed, mattress, sofa chairs etc etc....Promised delivery July 14 which was OK since my guests were coming in on 17th. The mattress had preformed as we had hoped. It could be too firm for lightweight sleepers, while for those who are overweight it might not be supportive enough since it is only 7 inches thick, and it will probably start sagging sooner than expected. TL:DR: ikea is kewlz to browse and for swedish meatballs but not furniture. This began happening after the fourth month but it’s only gotten worse. Horrible customer service!!!! I have disassembled and donated my bed. But it takes longer than that to develop a bedbug problem, and the suckers can live for up to a year without a single meal. This particular model has two foam layers. The hybrid bed of memory foam and spring is okay. This bed is a perfect economical choice for sleepers who are on a tight budget because it comes with a price which is tough to beat, but it is still a decent, comfortable, and functional bed, and you would not feel like you are sleeping on a rock. Then 3 scheduled NO SHOWS since then. IKEA recommends placing it on slats or a mattress base, to get the most out of its use. Delievery was scheduled labor day! We did our research and got the firm support we were after. First, the entertainment table is totally out of stock. A great compromise. She said yes. I only wish I could have bought a split king LENGTH in the 2 twins we bought. I reschedule again for the third day, the day of my daughter's graduation so had to have a neighbor sit for the delivery. NOBODY in Home Delivery picks up the phone!!!!!!! It actually hung up on me! Our order was in red, not picked yet. It's been OVER TWO MONTHS since I ordered this mattress and I don't have it. So, they rescheduled for the next day. We have spent a fortune on mattresses. It can only be saturday because no one is home friday and sunday would be too late as my family that will be visiting will already be there. I requested. While making the payment, I asked the employee (Chris) to please make sure they wrap plastic around the mattress to prevent it from becoming dirty during transport, and he assured me they would. She said she made a note in her request; they will call back on the same day or the next day. The pros: The mattress comes at a very low price point for a pocketed coil mattress. 20 more minutes and my order was finally ready. Heavy. The Hesseng is advertised as being comprised of natural materials.Before buying this mattress, I was only getting a few hours sleep each night due to lower back pain. The restaurant is always clean and relatively fast, the store is clean and organized, was able to find a team member when needed near by and the cashiers are always quick and ready for their customers. Additionally, my friend who bought the same mattress too faced the same issue.But Ikea is not ready to accept this. We thought all would be well, finally. I was skepitcal because the price was reasonable. Don't risk it. The cons: Problematic comfort to many customers. Love this mattress. IKEA, the low price furniture store also offers mattresses that you can pick up in store or have delivered. We needed an inexpensive mattress for a vacation home and bought this Matrand foam mattress. Or perhaps it reflects the company's real policies? I drive a compact car and live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building! She made promise, later she went back on what she had said. Some days later someone called and left a VM and said they would rescheduled delivery and would I call back and talk to them. At just under 14'' thick, the Hidrasund is a large mattress (the king size weighs over 200lbs) that features other natural materials such as wool, cotton, and coconut fiber. I finally asked her to focus on processing my paperwork. I don't have to stay there waste 4-5 hours for nothing. I've been on hold for $25+ MINUTES. If I ever need another mattress I will definitely buy another HAUGSVÄR Hybrid mattress. I told him I wanted a refund. I like their desks, chairs, and bookcases, but their mattresses on their bed frames are uncomfortable. People after me have come and gone. But I was waiting for 45 minutes still not get though the phone. I told him this was the worst consumer experience of my life. Also, the topper did make the bed feel much warmer, but we were able to work around that by keeping the winter doona on but wearing summer PJs to bed.To be honest, we were a bit reluctant to buy an IKEA mattress, but they said that if we scanned our IKEA Family card we would have 12 months to return the product if we didn't 'love' it. I only found out that it was needed when I read the instructions on how to put the bed together. The concept wasn't sinking in so they called a supervisor. For a company which is not specialized in mattress manufacturing, IKEA offers a decent amount of bedding products, and their mattresses cover a wide range of different materials and constructions. Their foam mattresses are all on the firmer end of the spectrum, and their innerspring or coil mattresses are softer than the foam ones. Or maybe it's just that no one is trained for excellent customer service anymore. I didn't pull it to strong I guess. Called customer service, waited for 40 mins before speaking with someone. The cafeteria is awesome and cheap! Took it back and swapped it for the Hessing (ok so we spent another 300) boy it is worth it not to have the awful smell! One piece of feedback that a lot of customers have for their mattresses are that they are too firm. One star for ease of shopping in-store, the speed of the assembly techs, and the relative inexepensiveness of the items (relative to quality). Instead, they tried to offer a completely new product with different features. For some reason, the deliverymen did not deliver my $1000 mattress, which I did not realize until 30 minutes later when they had already left. Myrbacka is IKEA’s next memory foam model, and it represents a step forward in comparison to the previous, Matrand. Takes a while for delivery but well worth it. Decided to talk to a customer representative, took 20 mins to speak with someone. Thickness: 12.625” Sizes available: Full, King, Queen; Firmness available: Firm & Medium … If so, we can talk about a replacement." Returning a mattress. Ikea, this is terrible. I have to do better than IKEA. This was the last thing I needed after having worked overtime all week with family on their way into town and I only had ONE opportunity to get them some type of bed to sleep on before their arrival. All the furniture came except for our mattress. So the only thing they could do is refund me my money. I smiled at the employee while she took care of the woman in front of me. (While in the store shopping, we had made sure that it was because it seemed a little "iffy" even then. I'm sorry but this has got to change. We are having less body pains upon waking. Great return policy!!! We bought the firm king sized mattress with the extra mattress topper and like another reviewer, we found it to be very firm at first but loved it anyway because we could move without disturbing each other.

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