This plant is about 2 years old, started from small cutting. clavifolius. This hoya I bought as Hoya bilobata / Hoya tsangii, but is not H. tsangii at all which has very different linear leaves. margin: auto; Their perfume scent can overpower you in a small room, my plant occasionally gets banished to the hallway where its scent greets anyone who enters. } Hoya australis (R. } It has a good fragrance to the flowers, perfume-like and floral, but not overpowering like some species. } margin-top: 10px; According to The Plant List , one of the largest plant databases available on the world wide web, there are over 500 published species in the Hoya genus. The flowers aren’t very showy- though they are certainly interesting to look at close up with the soft fuzzy almost translucent whiteness of them- but the fragrance… Wow. It has quite a bit of sap on the flowers, turning a deeper amber color with age. Under the proper conditions all Hoya Plants produce five-pointed, star shaped, fragrant flowers that come in red, white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, and even black. Jun 9, 2014 - Explore Aurora Mays's board "Hoya plants photos", followed by 108 people on Pinterest. Attractive pale green leaves with... View full product details . Hoya kerrii, named also sweetheart Hoya or Valentine plant, is a succulent climbing vine native to Southeast Asia. See more ideas about hoya plants, plants, planting flowers. Of these, the majority are unresolved, and have not reached accepted status. The individual flowers are “perfect looking." [Hoya Plant Care Information] Last Updated: June 12, 2019 It is also considered to be the true Hoya carnosa (another commonly traded Hoya for the last 200 years), though its leaves are smaller and rounder in outline than Hoya carnosa or H. pubicalyx and slightly hairy while those species are glabrous- it has similar flowers, silver flecks on the leaves, and viney growth pattern. Umbels are ageotropic. 6 Popular Hoya Varieties. Sold Out. Hoya kerrii, ‘Lucky-Heart’, ‘Sweetheart Plant’ A solid green Hoya carnosa will be a-okay in an east-facing window. Often new species are discovered from felled trees. I am convinced that if everyone had a Hoya lactunosa that there would be far less cologne and perfumes sold in the world. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; According to current taxonomy, this genus is placed under the dogbane family. Water regularly but not overly, and keep the soil moist. PLEASE NOTE: We have identified the Hoyas to the best of our knowledge, based on our own research and the representations of our suppliers. This plant is a rather shy bloomer but is very desirable for its stocky growth and thick, shiny, succulent leaves - more like a Crassula than a Hoya. Even a plant novice will be successful growing a Hoya … HOYA BUOTII, the Frosted Hoya, from the Philippines Hoya is a genus of 200–300 species of tropical plants in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae.Most are native to several countries of Asia such as Philippines, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Polynesia, New Guinea, and vast variety of species could also be found in Australia.. Common names for this genus are waxplant, waxvine, waxflower or simply hoya. Dischidia ruscifolia . Hoya propagation through seed is chancy and the resulting plant likely won’t be true to the parent plant – if the seed germinates at all. Not a strong enough scent for me to really notice though without getting close. Pothos varieties: identification guide + care tips. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */. Most hoya (with exceptions) can’t withstand such direct, intense light. A genus of 200-300 species, hoya was earlier placed in the milkweed family. See more ideas about hoya plants, plants, house plants. #gallery-89-1 .gallery-item { Size: Notify me when this product is available Add me to the store mailing list. #gallery-64-3 { After a little research into commonly traded Hoyas I believe this is Hoya moteskei. #gallery-78-2 { Hoya propagation is best is spring or summer when the plant is actively growing. margin-left: 0; Adromischus cooperi. Br.) Although this still Hoya heart is relatively slow-growing. Adenium obesum cv. The commonly used epitaph for this plant is DS-70 whose flowers differ somewhat from H. bilobata as well with a deeper pink color of the corolla and yellower at the anthers (clavuncle?). } } . Paradisia maintains a large collection of approximately 90 different hoya species. Gardenerdy provides information about some hoya plant varieties. HOYA BREVIALATA. and 10cm pots which contain slower growing . This variety is especially fragrant at the beginning of dusk and lasts through the evening. or harder to get varieties. float: left; Hoya kerrii is a succulent that is also called sweetheart hoya or valentine hoya The Hoya kerrii ( sweetheart plant or lucky-heart plant ) is a cool-looking type of succulent that is grown indoors. Though all Hoya obscura leaves will turn red in sunlight, this is a particularly reddish clone. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; You will receive 2 clippings. The inner petals are a rich and bright pinkish-red to dark red in coloration. text-align: center; I can help you with your indoor house plants care! $14.95. Hoya lactunosa has smaller leaves and does best in a hanging basket where the branches can overhang- it is not a climber or vine, but a rather well-kept species. Outdoors, Hoyas will love bright shade, especially if they hang under a shady tree and get dappled sunlight. Adromischus cristatus . The leaves are small, but very thickened and stiff with the edges rolled under- a characteristic of this particular species to also shares with H. bilobata– and its leaves also turn a lovely reddish to maroon color in bright sunlight. Hoya Flowering Hoya flowers are like 5 pointed stars and petals of the shape round o ball like. and cultivars. Unusual-Flower Varieties Some hoya plants have odd flowers in unusual sizes, shapes or colors. Quick Shop Hoya obscura H15. Variegated Hoyas like the H. carnosa 'Krimson Princess' or 'Krimson Queen' need more light, but solid green varieties tolerate much more moderate light. This has been called “a rather dull Hoya” by some, and though its flowers aren’t showy- and rather unusual for a Hoya, more like a Ericaceae or heath, they are very cute and smell faintly like caramel. Hoya Collection 8cm . Dischidia Ovata. Plant care and collection of Hoyas at, with informative growing guides and 2,208 images of 567 varieties listed. float: left; Hoya flowers are just as varied as the leaves, despite the fact that all are shaped like five pointed stars.

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