Plus, they may also forge bonds with other parents and family members who are supporting their child’s treatment. Your mom will very likely be glad that you came to her with this and it is the doctor's job to evaluate people for potential medical conditions, whether those people turn out to have them or not. Or, this part might be hard. This may help them see that you’re dealing with a problem with a genetic component. things, try saying, "I want to do this, but I just can't find the words right now." Expect your parents to raise new questions as they think about what you’ve said. Just be aware, there's not really a "test" for depression, you will probably just be talking to the doctor and explaining how you feel and they will advise from their about possible treatment options. Will mom be mad? unlocking this expert answer. Can you blame your parents that they will be concerned? The best thing to do is just talk to your parents about what is bothering you. 1. brighter future ahead. This article has been viewed 308,605 times. Make a list of what you plan to do. crying or overwhelmed, you might just blurt out your feelings. Next, approach your parents at a good time when there won't be any distractions and let them know that you have something important to say. Seeing your doctor is also typically the first step in getting treatment, or being referred to a mental health provider who can treat you. going on yourself. You can show the conversation worthwhile. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. By naming the problem, you will help them feel better and know how to take action. Start by picking a time to talk when you're not arguing. This helped me come out, though. Be sure that your plan includes how you'll do ", "I think I may leave a letter, but I'm not sure how. Even if you think a parent won't be willing or able to help, it's still worth a At least you know, because of her history, that she will take you seriously and get you help. If it's needed, you can start with an apology, This may help all of you work together better as a family. Talk with your mom or dad about actions you'll both take to help with your depression. I want to tell my parents about my depression, but I've always been so happy, I think they wouldn't believe me. Come out and say just that. I think I might be depressed." Some parents may worry about finding the right therapist or how much it will cost. disappointed? That parent can help you tell the other parent. This way, you’ll be able to cover everything even if you get emotional. How do I know if I'm actually depressed or not? Consider writing down some bullet points that you want to cover and have them with you during the conversation. Approved. Chances are, mom or How do I tell her I'm suicidal? Occasionally, parents have too many troubles of their own or other issues going You might say, “I think I need to make an appointment with Dr. Rogers for an evaluation.”. Finally, let your parents know how they can support you as you get treatment for your depression. Support wikiHow by Let your mom or dad know if you continue to feel depressed or if you have problems with motivation, concentration, or moods. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article? Start by deciding exactly what you want to say and practice saying it ahead of time, which can help you feel more confident. I tell my mom I'm depressed, using all of this, but then she tells me, "we give you everything and your whole family loves you," and I'm asking her for help. Then say, "I need Sometimes, talking about depression can be hard for parents too. They're not nagging. I have been feeling pretty sad lately. Say, "I've been pretending for a long time, but I can't do that anymore.". That's something of a conundrum. ", "Everything helped. you while you work with a therapist. When would be a good time for us to have a private conversation? If depression is strong or lasts, you might need to talk with a therapist This part might be surprisingly easy. Ask your parents to help you book an appointment with a doctor. That way, a parent can hear what's on your mind and really If I get tested, and I don't have depression, will anyone (doctor, parents) be mad or upset with me? troubles you can't solve, you need to reach out for help

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