Jewelry making requires skills, but many of them aren’t difficult to master and as long as you have the right instructions you’ll be able to create a diverse range of pieces without trouble. Required fields are marked *. Soutache – using soutache cord to sew beads onto and create jewellery. Ok, one of the first things I purchased I should have said this earlier was a massive tray – why? Your email address will not be published. 10 Awesome Jewelry Making Tutorials for Beginners. It’s one of those things that you can … Once you get more experienced can create spirals and tube as well. Getting to grips with clay for jewelry making can be difficult to start off with, so it’s good to begin with a simple tutorial that will get you familiar with the basics. If you want to see what you get with the Arrow Macrame Bracelet then check it out here. Kumihimo – this is an ancient Japanese form of braiding using ribbon or cord. If you are not wanting to spend a lot of money then one of the best places you can do is to the charity shops or garage sales and pick up second-hand cosmetic jewellery that you can repurpose the beads from. If you can create a plait then you can make this bracelet! If you want to make your own Wire pendants – wrapping your own beads in wireframes then this is THE book to buy it has lots of projects from simple to intricate designs and I have tried a few of them. This selection from Amazon is a great start off with 18 colors with its own storage box. Beadsmith Deluxe jewellery ergonomic toolkit. What do you need to start making your own jewellery at home? If you are just beginning and don’t want to have to buy lots of tools then Macrame Jewelry making is the first one try it’s amazing what you can do. If you have never tried Jewelry making then the simplest projects are using beaded jewellery. A super simple beginner’s jewelry making tutorial, these DIY glitter earrings are perfect if you’re just starting out with your skills. This beginners jewelry tutorial will show you how! A wonderful project for beginners, the instructions are easy to follow and provide great tips to help you learn new jewelry skills. Crochet Jewelry making – if you are good at crochet you can also thread beads onto cotton or wire and crochet them into jewellery. Paper clips to stop your beads falling off the end of your string, Storage boxes for your beads and findings, End cones or bead caps to dress up your beads, Calottes to cover your knots at the beginning and end of your string. This one would do the job with a tea towel on it or you can buy as specifically designed beading tray. This is my all-time favourite book on Knotted Jewelry and if you want something specific to Chinese knots this is such a fabulous book the projects are just gorgeous see for yourself click this link or the image. I bought a set for my mother as she was really interested in Jewelry making as well. This emerald and gold coloured bracelet is much easier to make than it looks and the braided bracelet DIY guides you through the simple steps. Soutache – using soutache cord to sew beads onto and create jewellery. ( you can also make your own finding using wire ). Again my go-to resource for Jewelry making kits for making Beaded Jewelry is Beadaholique have look at the different kits you could buy here. A great fashion jewelry tutorial, this wire wrapped stone bib necklace is quick to make even though it looks time consuming. Beading using a stretchy cord or threads like nylon- stretchy cord is great for kids, basically threading beads over cord and closing with a knot. This DIY bracelet looks a lot more expensive than it actually is and the tutorial provides a great introduction to bead stringing. Kumihimo – this is an ancient Japanese form of braiding using ribbon or cord. After three years she gave up her work in Biology to work on her Jewelry making for her Etsy shop. First, become... Metalsmithing for Jewelry Making. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Have you ever wondered how to create a beautiful and dainty birds nest pendant with wire? This bracelet looks shiny and expensive but it was actually made using just a few supplies, and you can make it too! Beadaholique have look at the different kits you could buy here. To start Bead weaving you need small seed beads and you will need to learn how to follow a chart for different patterns. It’s amazing what you can pick up – even some semi-precious stones which you can wire wrap like I have done if you look at my picture below. My favourite place to buy Beading supplies has to be Beadaholique, Here is a fabulous selection of Macrame kits, Arrow Macrame Bracelet then check it out here, you can find out what’s in the book by clicking here for the Jean Powers book. You can make jewellery using knots – that’s how most friendship bracelets are made. If you are just starting out go with Beadsmith unless you can afford Lindstrom – it won’t be wasted money that’s for sure! Jewelry has long been seen as a way to accessorise outfits and show off personality and style with a range of colours, shapes and trends that make it wearable for anyone.

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