The way the SW10 MKll is designed, the crossover is always active the moment the subwoofer is turned on regardless if you are using the Line Level inputs or the High Level Speaker Wire inputs. So, you have to connect amplifier and subwoofer by matching their features. Thanks. Then it can be harmful to both you and for the device. Now, you have a couple of options here. Other active subwoofers will have a set of four speaker terminals on the onboard amplifier plate. There are two types of subwoofer outputs found on most AV receivers: Subwoofer and LFE Output.Although, on the surface, both connections appear to accomplish the same thing: sending low frequencies to your subwoofer, they are not the same, and the terms are not … You can either run your amplifier connections to the main speakers and then run another set of speaker cables to the subwoofer. Or connect to … I'm looking to buy a subwoofer to give my sound system abit more.. None of those two have a dedicated subwoofer RCA out. Nov 26, 2010 679 12 18,895. So I'm planning on getting a hifi setup soon, probably with a technics amplifier like the su-v90d or the su-v60. I have the auna av2 cd508bt amplifier and wondering if there is anyway to connect an active sub via the REC output jack Auxaudio input jack Dvd input jack or cd input jack? But, I know what some people do is use the B (remote) channel of the amplifier, and connect the terminals to the speaker inputs that some active subs have. If your subwoofer has speaker terminals then use any lighting flex to connect the subwoofer to the speaker terminals on your stereo amplifier. Apr 19, 2011 #2 Connect the other end of the cable to the terminal on the back of the subwoofer marked Line In [source: Nicholls]. Connect the cable that was included with the subwoofer to the amplifier's terminal. Suppose, you connect a subwoofer to an amplifier which is not in good condition. P. Paul. Alternatively, you can either wire from the amplifier to the subwoofer and then jump off to your main speakers, or vice versa. Check the conditions of the subwoofer and amplifier. Well-known member. Regardless of what brand you buy, here are some tips on connecting your new subwoofer to your amplifier or A/V receiver. Steven Kay . If yes, could you please explain how as it does not have an outlet specifically for connecting a Sub. It can occur a serious accident. Alternatively, you can connect an RCA cable that can be purchased at any electronics store [source: KEF]. Is it possible to connect a Subwoofer with Marantz PM6003 Amp. 3.

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